Resident Evil Degeneration Trailer


According to some of the videos on YouTube, this trailer has been floating around the web for months, but since this is the first time I’ve seen it, I thought I would share. Resident Evil Degeneration is an upcoming feature length CG film from Capcom and Sony Pictures Entertainment. They have just recently launched the official website, complete with production blog and trailer… and it looks pretty cool!

While the trailer is actually just a short one-minute teaser, it shows us what kind of quality they are shooting for here. The style is very similar to the cut scenes from the most recent Resident Evil games, but with a lot more detail and cinematic flair. Just from seeing this short video, I can safely say I’d much rather watch this than any of the live action RE movies. Resident Evil Degeneration will go direct to DVD sometime this fall; check out the trailer below.

  • Sweet! I hadn’t heard anything about this Sean. Hopefully It’ll make up for Paul W.S. Anderson’s rage-inducing trilogy. Plus, I hope you saw E3 ’08. RE 5 has two player online co-op for story mode! I’m so excited. I just need to convince more of my friends to buy a current gen system.

  • This looks 40 times better than any of the Resident Evil “adaptations” we’ve seen so far.

  • I have been saying how a CG horror film was bound to come about– and by the looks of it, this one should be pretty cool. I would much rather see this than another Milla Jovovich vehicle. Though, she is nice to look at.

  • Riddle me this Who do you think will be the next villain?

  • sorry wrong comment section

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  • Alex Cronk-Young

    Is that Leon I spy??


    its looks terrible – right to dvd ofcourse – no comparison to the live action version with Milla Jovovich. Talk about weak!
    xoxoxoxoxoxo not lol!

  • I’ve seen another trailer, and yeah…not movie quality by any means. More like impressive cut scenes on my Xbox 360. :D