Terminator Salvation Teaser Trailer


I know a lot of people have been trying to forget the fact that there is a new Terminator movie being directed by McG (of Charlie’s Angels fame), but I’ve got news for you: it’s not going away anytime soon. The first teaser trailer has just arrived online and will premiere in front of The Dark Knight on the big screen. Yep, it’s real.

I think a lot of people are going to be conflicted over this first trailer, however. Not only does the movie star Christian Bale, but the teaser trailer is actually kind of cool (in a “we’re trying to avoid showing you anything because we haven’t shot much yet” kind of way). Plus, just like Rocky Balboa, Indiana Jones 4 and Superman Returns, there’s always a great theme song to fall back on if all else fails. Terminator Salvation hits theatres on May 22nd, 2009. Check out the teaser below and let us know what you think.

  • ShenEvil44

    (sigh)I feel ashamed to be a fan of this heavily diluted and inconsistent franchise. How should I even approach watching this movie? Should I just forget all of the previous titles and throw them out the window? Should I just take this as a “reimagining” interpretation to the Terminator franchise?

  • Ryan M.

    That didn’t look bad but few teasers do. If I were Cameron I’d never put my baby in McG’s hands. Although come to think of it; Cameron put it up for adoption over a decade ago.

    This film matters to me too much to even bare it. Mc-fuckin-G. Jesus Christ he sucks so much.

  • Say what you will about McG, but this teaser looks good to me. Nothing was really given away here, but I’ve yet to technically see anything worth complaining about.

  • swarez

    Love this teaser.
    Love it.

  • This looks gay.

  • swarez

    You’re gay.

    Swoosh! Score 1 for me.

  • I wish I was. I don’t get women. I sympathize with Timothy Treadwells outlook on the gay/straight-issue in Grizzly Man.

  • Matt

    Yeah…Anyway, the teaser looks alright for a teaser, but I can’t shake the feeling McG is going to turn one of my most beloved franchises into a stinkbomb. Christian Bale is a HUGE improvement over Nick Stahl, however. Although I don’t know if any salvation from T3 will be found here. God I hated Terminator 3. The Story and the action sequences were tolerable to decent, but the dialogue, acting, hammy jokes, visual style, and AARP member Arnold Schwarzenegger were excruciatingly awful. Sorry to turn this into an anti-T3 rant. I am still very skeptical of Terminator movie sans Cameron.

  • Ryan M.

    @Matt: T3 was ok to me. I didn’t have any major problems with it. Specifically I liked the fact that it had Judgement Day happen which was cool because it didn’t paradoxically deconstruct time travel. Did you like Sarah Conner Chronicles (lots of shitty things about, but lots of awesome stuff as well)? get the BD in august (I think) dude trust me its worth it.

    @Rian: Yeah dude, I agree this teaser looks cool but it’s only a teaser. Based on McG’s previous work (especialy how shitty his action scenes are) I’m still skeptical. I saw T2 when I was seven and I still remember it clearly (I cried at the thumbs up in lava) and I attribute the film to my desire to make films so I’m just a little too emotional about the sequels.

  • I’ve got some high hopes this for now, especially with the addition of Christian Bale.

    I’m one of the few people that liked T3 I think, but I liked it more or less for the ending.

  • Matt

    @Ryan M.
    I never got around to checking out the Sarah Conner Chronicles. I could never get past the tiny girl from the ads for the show who was supposed to be the female terminator. She just wasn’t believable enough to me. But I did have a bunch of people tell me that it actually wasn’t that bad of a show. Has it been cancelled? What did it actually add to the Terminator mythology? If I may ask.
    As said, I didn’t wholly dislike T3. The concept of delayed judgment day, most of the storyline, the special effects, and the action sequences were done well. It’s just that the bad things about the movie listed above far outweighed the good, and in turn ruined it for me.

  • theman

    I will never watch this movie. I hated T3 ruin the seires.

  • stevie_boy

    I’m disappointed that Christian Bale is down for this. Ever since his break in American Psycho, I get the impression that he’s playing the same character. I find him now synonymous with desperate, raspy-voiced heroes. This trailer does nothing to alleviate my worry of typecasting.

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  • T4 should be decent at least, because Christian Bale is in it… I’m hoping Arnold ends up making an appearance too