Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in Talks for Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards?


Could Quentin Tarantino actually be serious about having Inglorious Bastards ready for Cannes next year? Well, the clock’s ticking, and at the moment he still doesn’t have a cast. However, if the rumours are true, it sounds like he may be close to securing some pretty big names for the movie. According to Variety, Tarantino has already met with Brad Pitt for the role of main character Aldo Raine, and he now has his sights set on Leonardo DiCaprio for the part of Hans Landa.

I find it interesting that after years of casting a lot of relative unknowns and forgotten actors from the past, he is now looking at landing two of the biggest A-list actors working today. I’m sure The Weinstein Company will be very happy if he succeeds, because the involvement of those two will virtually guarantee a box office success. I’m very excited to see how both of these guys handle some Tarantino dialogue (although Pitt did previously have a small role in the Tarantino-penned True Romance). Let’s keep our fingers crossed… I can’t imagine anyone turning down a chance to work with Quentin Tarantino unless there is a scheduling conflict, but Inglorious Bastards looks to be on a pretty tight (albeit self-imposed) time frame.

  • swarez

    Well it’s a no brainer really. He knows that he can’t just make a film and everyone will flock to see it, especially after the disaster that was Grindhouse.
    But I really hope that the rumor about Sly and Eddie Murphy being in it will come true.

  • Well wasn’t Kill Bill re-scheduled ten thousand times, going overbudget etc?

    I think Quintin Tarantino is the Blizzard Entertainment of Hollywood.

  • It seems like he’s trying to prove he can be a box office success after grindhouse, so that after this movie he can just make whatever he wants again.

  • having said that…i’m in…and excited.

  • Could this be the best news ever? I think it just might be.

  • Ryan M.

    It’s all good as long as Tarantino doesn’t go to far into Tarantinoism with this one. Death Proof was so wholly masturbatory it was annoying. it was still better than most stuff that year though.

  • Sacred Cow! I didn’t know Leonardo Dicaprio was in Fight Club. How’d I miss that?

  • I’m not sure I am on board with Pitt. I think his reputation as “Brad Pitt” prededes him. I don’t mind DiCaprio– in fact, I think he’s a damn fine actor. I just think, at this point, Brad Pitt is distracting. Not that his name would negatively affect the film’s bottom line– much to the contrary. He’s on the A list of A list celebities. I’m just talking purely from the standpoint of the overall quality of the film.

    That’s just my 2 cents. Does it even make sense?

  • Shit. That word is precedes. Not prededes. I wish we could edit our posts.

  • I’m in

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