Wachowski Brothers to Direct Plastic Man Starring Keanu Reeves?


It still remains to be seen whether the commercial failure of Speed Racer will drive The Wachowski Brothers further away from the spotlight, but for their next project Ninja Assassin they are taking a hands-off approach, once again letting V For Vendetta‘s James McTeigue direct. This week, however, there is an interesting rumour percolating about a possible comic book movie for the Wachowskis: Plastic Man! Yep, the DC version of Mr. Fantastic… minus the brilliant mind, that is.

According to a scooper at CHUD, producer Joel Silver was on a German radio show where he announced that Plastic Man would be their next project. He also revealed that Keanu Reeves would be headlining the film. Although it may seem like this news is coming out of left field, it is a fact that the Wachowski Brothers wrote a Plastic Man script back in 1995 (you can check out a review of this script over at UGO). Personally, I’d love to see a movie based on this wacky, offbeat character, and we all know the brothers would provide some unique visuals to go with it. The question is, would anyone go see it?

  • Matt

    BWAHAHAHA! … Oh wait. You’re Serious?! I can’t see any studio supporting this film after Speed Racer. I don’t doubt the Wachowskys’ ability to direct a film, just their ability to sell it.

  • I’d watch it.

  • Greg

    I’m in.

    Also…Plastic Man was created in the 1940’s…about 20+ years before Mr. Fantastic.

  • At this point Hollywood is really stretching for ideas!
    No PUN intended!

  • Ryan M.

    This has potential except for one thing: I don’t see Keanu Reeves pulling off a comedic role. Plastic Man’s abilities are a little more powerful and insane than Mr. Fantastic’s so it could be more interesting.

  • Canoe is no comedian. And the Wachowski’s haven’t done anything for me since the first Matrix. Count me out.

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