• There’s still a special place in my heart for the first Scream movie, but this is really unnecessary in my opinion.

  • A reboot of a parody? Lord.

    I liked Scream1, but I liked The New Nightmare even more, it was sort of like the trial-run for Scream.

  • When does one of the spoof films ‘reboot’ – Will it be the Scary Movie Franchise?

  • What’s left to reboot? I love the first Scream but it’s an idea whose time has passed. Just look at Behind The Mask, it’s a stale satire targeting a genre that hasn’t been made for 15 years.

  • Ryan M.

    I was thinking about this the other day and wondering when they were going to run Scream into the ground like Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. I wish they would let decent franchises rest in peace.

  • I’m not against this– I don’t think Scream was ever that venerated of a series anyway. It was a fun series– all three of them. I would definitely check out a new one. Especially if they get an interesting director and cast.

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  • listen you low life douchebags how will they run the series into the ground its a new fresh plot and new cast whats wrong with that. as far as im concerned you guys need to get a life and learn about horror movies. its all about the money now get it straight.