Frank Miller’s The Spirit Trailer #2


A new trailer for Frank Miller’s upcoming film The Spirit has found its way online today, but as usual it’s getting pulled off YouTube so sneak a peek while you still can. I loved the first teaser trailer for this movie, even though it looked a lot like Sin City. The new trailer is a bit harder to judge, however. It showcases the various women characters in the film, before introducing Samuel L. Jackson as the main villain, The Octopus. Regardless of Samuel L. Jackson, who seemingly can’t help being hammy on screen as of late, something tells me this is either going to be totally brilliant or a complete disaster. Frank Miller’s lack of experience directing for the screen could lead to something fresh and new, but it could also be borderline unwatchable. Check out the trailer below and see what you think. The Spirit hits theatres on December 25th.

  • I didn’t like how they put the catchphrases in the trailer

  • theman

    This will not go over well with the masses. It looks like a cross between a music video, a shampoo commercial, and a fan film. And the question still stands and I think its a valid one. Was frank miller out Franked Millered by Sin City and 300? Will he look like a copy of a copy of his own work?

    One things for sure I’ll I’m seeing Benjamin Button day one. If I have time I may watch this.

  • The only thing about this trailer that doesn’t look annoying as hell is Scarlett Johansson. I hate that she exists, it doesn’t seem fair that she elevates all these shitty trailers by being in them.

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  • 1138

    I for one cannot stand Scarlett Johansson…she was the only unsexy lady there. Overrated.

    But the spirit looks cool but I will wait for reviews before committing my Twelve bucks. If there are neg reviews then it’s a DVD rental for me.

  • I’m still not seeing anything in the trailers, images, or rumors about this movie to suggest to me that it will be any good, so why am I still planning to see it when it comes out this Christmas? I guess I’m hoping that it will be at least somewhat reminiscent of the Spirit comics. I really doubt that it will, though.

  • Primal

    This whole trailer reminds me of a Calvin Klein perfume commercial. Looks like shit. Hopefully we’ll see a better trailer before the movie comes out.

  • I’m a little nervous about this now…it looks a little too ambitious for Miller. I was excited now…I’m not really sure.

  • Swarez

    Worst thing is that this film should be titled Frank Miller’s Will Eisner’s The Spirit. There is nothing in this trailer that remotely conveys The Spirit as Eisner did it.

  • I think this trailer should be called “The life and times of Greg Gaspari”, judging from the amount of women in it.

  • Ian

    That looks pretty cool. But I’m kind of sick of the overstylized pseudo-animation. I hate to harp on but there is something to be said for good production design, practical special effects, and mise-en-scene and lighting that is working with “real” objects and subjects.

  • Greg

    …..”I think this trailer should be called “The life and times of Greg Gaspari”, judging from the amount of women in it.”

    Oddly enough…I wear a mask everyday.

    Great post.

  • Ryan M.

    The teaser was good but this is a mixed bag. Just like Sin City; I hate how CG backgrounds can make the frame look so horribly flat. I also didn’t like the shot of Samuel L with the comic booky action burst behind him in the slightest and Gabriel Macht looks kind of ridiculous. I hope it all comes together but from this it is so hard to judge.

  • krew

    Ugh. Looks awful.

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  • catho

    looks DREADFUL. the original trailer made me want to see it – that makes me want to avoid it.

  • Rich

    I agree with Swarez. It’s unfair to judge a film by a trailer, so I’ll refrain from saying the film looks like shit. However, it looks virtually nothing like Will Eisner’s Spirit. I have a lot of what Eisner created, and talked to Eisner quite a bit during the last 10 years or so of his life (just to qualify my exposure to him). My uneducated view (having only seen the trailer) is that EIsner would have really disliked this.

  • Judge Giusep

    So many of you are dismissing this movie based on a trailer, and claim its a copy of sin city. Did you like sin city? From my understanding many people did, therefore i think we can conclude this movie might be good. Can you name a movie so far frank miller participated in that was crap? Lets not judge the book by its cover for now I say.