Ghost Town Trailer Starring Ricky Gervais


Ever since he found worldwide fame with The Office, British comedian Ricky Gervais has been pretty picky about choosing what projects to work on. Despite having all kinds of movie roles thrown at him over the past few years, up until he has only taken a few small parts in movies like For Your Consideration, Night at the Museum and Stardust. Now this year, at long last, we will get to see his first lead role in David Koepp’s Ghost Town, a comedy about… a guy who can see dead people?

I have to admit, the concept seemed pretty uninspired when I first read about it, and now that I’ve seen the trailer, I’m still kind of wondering what exactly he saw in this movie that made him jump into it. David Koepp is known more for his writing than his directing (he previously directed Stir of Echoes and Secret Window), so I’m hoping there are some really clever twists in the script or something. It has a vague Stranger Than Fiction dramedy feel to it, and it does have a decent supporting cast that includes Greg Kinnear and Téa Leoni. The one good thing is that his character starts out as a guy who is a bit of an asshole, and it’s always fun to see Gervais play up that angle. Other than that, I’m not quite sold. Ghost Town is scheduled to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, and hits theatres everywhere on September 19th.

  • theman

    They just named this movie to “Ricky Gervais Cashes a Check”

  • swarez

    A Big fat MEH! How utterly uninspired. He must have gotten some mad cash or just really liked the people he was working with.

  • Not much interest in that. Anyone could have done this role.

  • greg should go see this at the festival and tell us what he thinks

  • Goon

    it’s not exactly inspired, and its hardly edgy, but I really dont think this looks flat out BAD. the feel i got from the trailer was a bit like an 80s comedy, something like “All of Me” that someone what Steve Martin would have ended up in, or even Bill Murray. Gervais has the jerk schtick down pat, the same way Martin did in the 80s, so if its actually like this, then I’m in.

  • I think it looks horrible. The trademark Gervais uncomfortable dialogue that’s in the trailer looks extremely out of place, and with a concept like this, is there nowhere to go but romanticism?

  • Ryan M.

    Gervais probably did this because its the first time he was offered a leading role. As it has been said, this is extremely uninspired and looks like blah.

  • Wow, this looks unoriginal…

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  • Jennifer

    Here’s the official Ghost Town movie website: