Cool Music Video: Feist’s ‘1234’ on Sesame Street

As both a music fan and a film fan, my love for music videos is only natural. Sure it’s not exactly movie related, but it’s still fun to post some cool videos on Film Junk now and again. This one isn’t even really an official music video, but it’s still way too awesome to pass up. I love long takes and choreography in videos, and this kid-friendly version of Feist’s ‘1234’ certainly delivers. Check it out:

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  • I know it’s totally played out at this point, but there is some pretty impressive 1 take choreography in Gary Jules’ video for Mad World:

  • Great suggestion! I’ve actually never seen that. Pretty awesome.

  • I enjoyed how the sesame street skit paid tribute to her original video.

  • mike

    I know i just ruined it, but i love how there was four comments on this video when i watched it…

  • ProjectGenesis

    Jay always busts his nut over long takes but I’ve never heard him mention Touch Of Evil????

  • theman

    Who is she?

  • Jay you have awesome taste in music that has heavily influenced my own, you should right a music column or post on muzak for cybernetics or something.