Max Payne Trailer Starring Mark Wahlberg


I wasn’t expecting much from the first trailer for the upcoming Max Payne movie, but I gotta say, this looks pretty damn good so far. Mark Wahlberg’s voiceover sets just the right tone, and from the clips we are shown it seems very noir and very over the top. Sin City comparisons are inevitable I suppose, but I think if it can stick to the style while also telling a decent story, this could be one of the surprises of the year for me.

Expectations are always a bit lower for movies based on video games to begin with, but as of right now this looks like it actually has potential to be the first decent game to film adaptation. Then again, I thought the same thing about Silent Hill, so we’ll see what happens. Max Payne is directed by John Moore (The Omen, Behind Enemy Lines) and stars Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Chris O’Donnell, Beau Bridges and Ludacris. It’s currently scheduled to hit theatres on October 17th. Check out the first trailer below and see what you think.

  • That looks really good. I think it could turn out to be a nice surprise. I know when I heard Wahlberg was playing Max Payne, I scoffed– but it looks decent.

  • Swarez

    I had completely forgotten about the supernatural elements in the game so those winged creatures looked weird to me.
    The imagery looks very nice but so did Silent Hill and that didn’t turn out that great. We’ll wait and see.

  • Matt

    Yea, I’m still not sold on Wahlberg puling it off, but I’ve been expecting (waiting for) this movie for 10 years now so I’ll give it a chance (reluctently). For a while I saw no way of them making a movie out of the games, since the second game sold so poorly.

  • Beat the first game. This has a very similar style and tone, so that’s good. But the trailer itself doesn’t excite me too much.

  • Being a huge fan of the games and its story and persona, I am unimpressed with this trailer….especially the casting. Hopefully the action scenes make up for this and at least equal the gunfights in “Shoot ‘em Up!”.

  • Bob the Slob

    for a videogame movie, that doesnt look half bad…of course there is lowered expectations with anything videogame related.

  • There is enough substance in Max Payne to make a movie…unlike many others that have been attempted. Out of all of them, “Silent Hill” is the only other one that I somewhat enjoyed. Had high expectations for “Tomb Raider”, but that just sucked!

  • This movie is going to be an event for me and my dad. He used to play the video game on the days when he was unemployed, so he’ll be excited. And I love Markie Mark.

  • I had no idea there was a supernatural element to the game so that part of the trailer has surprised me. I’ll probably go and see it.

  • Ryan M.

    I didn’t either. I did know about the bullet-time diving thing so it seems they were faithful to that (although it’s now horribly dated).

  • The “supernatural element” could have to do with the hallucinogenic drug called “V” or valkyr that is being provided by the Aesir Corporation.

    Hmmmm, I wonder how much has been altered from the original story line now. :\

  • Swarez

    Yeah I thought the whole supernatural element was the effect of the drug. The film looks like it’s gone all out fantasy.

  • Yeah, and when Max’s wife and baby get killed, it should be done in a disturbing manner, so that you are actually rooting for Max throughout the movie.

    Hmmm, was that a spoiler? Oooop-sie! :D

  • I’m so excited about this

  • Primal

    I played both Max Payne games on the PC and loved it. The game already had a graphic novel feel to it and you could see a storyboard for a movie already within the game. It’s been a while since I’ve played it, but I don’t remember any flying angels in the game. Wasn’t too impressed with the trailer, but definitely not disappointing. I’ll still go see it.

  • zman

    when the game first cam out hey said that it was gong to be a movie and its here! it seems like they used a lot of the actual story line from the game into the movie i even saw some familiar background. i hope that they dont make it pg13 b/c they can do so much more if its R

  • chawlkitreign

    ey zman i wanna touch yo cak

  • I agree zman. It shouldn’t be reduced to a kiddie movie. There are elements within that can make it really badass.

  • Maywee

    “the flesh of fallen angels!”

    i wonder if it has anything to do with jack lupino :)

  • Maywee…..It would be nice if the names remained the same.

  • Ludacris as Jim Bravura (???)and Mila Kunis as Mona Sax are completely baffling…..STILL!

    Worst choices ever.