American Gangster 2 In The Works?


Here’s a crazy rumour that has caused some Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe fans to perk their ears up. According to CHUD, a sequel to Ridley Scott’s American Gangster might actually be in development right now. How do they know this? Well, because salsa singer Domingo Quiñones was recently interviewed on a Spanish website where he says he has landed the role of an undercover Mexican cop in American Gangster II, which is being shot in Puerto Rico.

That’s certainly not much to go on, but the speculation is that this will be a direct-to-DVD sequel using the American Gangster name, but none of the original cast or crew. I guess it’s a pretty generic title that could apply to a lot of different stories (there’s also an American Gangster TV series on BET), so that doesn’t seem out of the question. But if the movie is being shot in Puerto Rico and features the Mexican police, just how American is it going to be? Either way, I think it’s safe to say that Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe will not be involved.

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  • So very very unnecessary. We should all be screaming for new, original plots with fresh characters…. Not re-hashes and re-inventions to cash in on the few good stories that do pass by.

  • Marcus

    Yea I’m from the future and there is no American gangster 2