Sigourney Weaver Wants Alien 5?


A few years back there was some serious talk about a fifth Alien movie, but the word on the street is that it was all kiboshed by the emergence of Alien vs Predator. I’m still not sure why exactly that would prevent them from doing another standalone Alien movie; perhaps 20th Century Fox didn’t want to divide this new “mega-franchise” until AvP had run its course, but now that part 2 has come and gone, I think we can safely say that it is done like dinner. Anyway, in a recent interview with OK Magazine, Sigourney Weaver said she was interested in reprising her role as Ripley, assuming the right people were involved.

“I would definitely do another if I had a director like Ridley Scott and we had a good idea. Ridley is enthusiastic about it.”

It’s a pretty simple statement that doesn’t really mean much, but the fact that Ridley Scott is “enthusiastic” about a fifth Alien movie is very interesting indeed. There are many who would say that Alien: Resurrection is proof that they should have just left the franchise alone. However, now that they already have done a fourth movie, I think it would be cool for the series to go out on a high note (assuming they could still salvage the story). Ridley Scott returning for the final Alien movie seems only appropriate. What do you think, is Alien 5 something you’d like to see? Could Sigourney Weaver still return as Ripley now at the age of 58?

  • Alex Crossley

    For god sake all of you!!! I’ve just read all of the comments for the first time and now listen to my point of view. I am from the UK and when Alien: Ressurection came out I was living in the US at the time. The hype was huge, I was extatic and it was total shite, along with alien 3. So, whoever says otherwise is also talking total shite. Right, pay attention! As for the aformentioned AVP and LV 426 shananigans, think about it. When AVP came out (great idea, shite film) it was set in present day (2004) which kind of threw the whole timing out of whack in terms of the Alien franchise and its dates. However, at the end of that film, an Alien bursts out of a Predators chest, we can only assume that this menace took over the whole ship. This brings us to the future of LV 426, (or the past if you know what I mean) and you have a massive space craft that crashes on LV 426. Thats because it was a Predator space craft and it got taken over by the Alien and then it crashed because those slimey, acid for blood creatures ‘CANNOT FLY A BLOODY SPACESHIP’.
    So, you have your answer to the first film, ‘ALIEN’. It was a Predator spaceship taken over by an ‘ALIEN’ from the past, eerr…. or future, eerrr…… you know what I mean. Then, Aliens – cool film for action. However, strange gap of 50 odd years before the aliens come about again, infecting a colony and Ripley wakes up just in time to save the day, convenient timing. Maybe not! She might have been better off floating around for another fifty years until the whole thing blows over. All that action with that dude from Terminator (nice touch) then Alien 3 with ‘NO WEAPONS’ and they killed the terminator dude – AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH………………..! Totally boring. Then Alien 4, I say no more. As usual, Hollywood have either waited too long or simply rushed ideas and scripts for sequels to excellent films and as a result, they have totally ‘F#*KED IT’.
    As for a fifth Alien – Don’t make me laugh.
    What a waste of what started out as a first class sci-fi classic.
    Nuff said.

  • Alex Crossley

    Almost forgot. Somebody else mentioned about the ‘Laser Beam’ in the Alien space craft in the first instalment. And was questioned where the technology came from. Here again, it was ‘Predator’ technology. It all makes sense – Think about it.

  • Alex Crossley

    And one more thing….. Many people keep questioning the Aliens origin. An Alien planet or something. No, No, No. I’ve already explained, sort of. Look at the shitty AVP. That dude who is translating all that stuff carved in the pyramid, how he says that these warriors (THE PREDATORS) created a creature to fight and defeat, to show us humans who’s boss – GET IT!
    I don’t know if any of my explanations are true, I mean that is to say if AVP was meant partly to explain everything else. If not, then a big coincidence.
    As for LV 426, it’s not gone. A nuclear explosion yes. But that didn’t necassarily destroy the whole planet.
    Everything is all back to front and inside out anyway. I mean how can you have bishop in AVP in 2004 and he gets killed. Then he’s a droid years later in Aliens. Then he’s the real thing again even more years later in Alien 3. AND WHAT THE F#*KING HELL IS AVP 2 ALL ABOUT??? – IT’S AN INSULT!!!!!!!! AAAHHHHHHH……..!!!
    And finally, seeing as ‘W’ corporation is ‘BUILDING BETTER WORLDS’ or something like that, can we not reasonable assume that there are many other planets that have been colonized by humans. This opens up a whole universe of mayhem and chaos. Inter-galactic Aliens, time-travelling Predators, infinate clones of Ripley. let’s throw in The Terminator and some Jedi for good measure. We could see the ‘Dark Side’ of LV 426 and Ripley could use ‘The Force’ and, and, and what the hell am I talking about. The voices are talking to me again. “In space no-one can eat icecream”

  • Prince Rogers Nelson

    Alex Crossley – hmmm, i dont understand a word you’ve said. But get the impression you were not happy with AVP series – and i’m with you on that one

    i do think they should return to the storylines roots….as i mentioned before, creating something that is dark, isolated, disturbing and horrifying

    Cmon Ridley, James and Sigourney

  • Alex Crossley

    O.K. Prince Rogers Nelson. I do not understand why you do not understand ‘a word I have said’ as you put it.
    If you have seen ‘ALL’ the films and have read ‘ALL’ of the comments, then I don’t see how you can’t understand my point of view. My consecutive comments 49, 50 and 51 explain what’s what.
    I’ll have to wait and see what anyone else thinks, I’m suprised you said that.
    But yeah, Ridley, James and Sigourney. Have to agree there. It’s that or nothing!

  • Alex Crossley

    I just flicked through the commments again and paid particular attention to Brendan UK on comment 21. I agree with Prince Nelson Rogers, like yer flow. To pick up from ‘AlIENS’ and blow out alien 3 & 4. Bring back an aged Sigourney, Hicks, and Newt could be anyone as she is only a child in Aliens. Cool idea, would love to see all that goin’ on. More Aliens, more guns, more marines, more space stuff, more androids (Bishop), MORE, MORE, MORE……………
    Oi, Prince Nelson Rogers, what kind of a name is that? Couldn’t you have found something a bit longer LOL.

  • Prince Rogers Nelson

    Most people just know me as Prince

  • Alex Crossley

    Sorry Prince, just me being stupid. But seriously, I thought I had touched on some answers to a lot of peoples questions – maybe not. I do have a tendancy to read into things a little too much. Anyway, what will be will be. Alien 5, 6, 7……..Who knows?

  • Prince Rogers Nelson

    Lets just hope that whatever they do, its done with dignity and has Sigourney Weaver in the lead role…an ALIEN fix is long overdue

  • JD

    I still think they should leave avp now and concentrate on the xenomorph. set it 50 years in the future from where avp2 left off and set it in space (maybe a space station above earth – like in the beginning of aliens) and have it surrounding the company and their discovery of the alien. It can then move on eventually to the first alien movie and explain the company’s previous knowledge of the alien species

  • Prince Rogers Nelson

    JD – Hmmm that movie basis sounds like it has potential.

  • Alex Crossley

    HHMMM…… INDEED MR.PRINCE. Incidently, at the end of ‘ALIENS’, how come Ripley didn’t set the escape craft that they were on to go back to the space station that she had woken up on at the start of the film? Why did they just go drifting off into the middle of nowhere? Also, good point JD. I had forgotton that ‘The Company’ did apparently have prior knowledge of the ‘Alien’, as mentioned by the droid in the original film. The more you look into ‘ALL’ the films, the more you can find holes in them, left, right and centre. James Cameron’ is the only man who could pull it off and make one almighty movie that ties up all the loose ends once and for all. I wanna see Ripley, Hicks, Bishop. Continue it from ‘ALIENS’ and ignore the rest. P.S. Don’t forget the cat :-)

    After thought:-
    How about a comedy spoof movie with an ‘ALIEN’ a ‘PREDATOR’ a ‘TERMINATOR’.
    Knowing my luck some asswipe will steal that idea and it’ll be really good, absolutely hilarious and make loads of money – you never know.

  • Brendan uk

    Hey all, so I am still drafting up a basic plot line for ALIEN ( 5 ) As i said befor above in section 21. So going to try put something together about the story and how to involve all the origanal actors who played Ripley, Newt and Hicks along with Bishop. The idea that they did all end up in a coma and that a technical problem with the suloco that will have messed with the suspended animation that is involved in the cryotube hyper sleep and this leads to Ripely – Newt and Hicks etc aging and perhaps laying in some-sort of coma . We find our selfs back in some sort of med lab unit in space, Ripley is still in a coma but alive, We hear foot steps walking down the corridoor coming closer to the med lab unit that riply is in, the doors slide open to show us Hicks, then Newt walks in, she walks up to the bed that ripley is laying in and she sits down next to her ( We hear ripleys heart rate on the machine beating. Newt looks at riply ( an older newt ) newt pushes back ripleys hair from her face ( ripleys heart rate starts to get faster ) Newts hand reaches down to ripley hand then Riplys body jups upwards ( like in Aliens ) holding on newts hands tight…..Riply is seen crying, hunching face down…

    ”Riply, were safe your ok…

    Ripley look at me,

    ripley …. it’s me , Newt.”

    Ripley looks up into Newts eyes, as if she cant belive what she is looking at … she looks into her eyes and and puts her hand on her cheek, and say’s ..


    No idea what next.. but it has to be meaning, after all she just lost her first child, then she found newt in Aliens then a coma ( ALIEN 3 & AR ) Dreaming that newt and hicks died and her own death and resurrection ) … lots to think about…

  • Brendan uk

    sorry , it;s late.. and its Ripley!!! not Riply! lol woo!

  • I have read all the comments and some of them are truly great. I can see all points of arguments about picking up the story from Aliens, and doing away with 3 and Resurrection…however

    I actually enjoyed the surviving cast of A:R. Johner, Vriess and Call are all great characters. All they need is a good storyline.

    As for their homeworld, why? Even if you did find the “homeworld” so to speak, there were probably hundreds of the eggs sent out throughout the galaxies, who knows how many “homeworlds” there are. Especially if they landed on a planet with only wildlife, nothing to really hunt and kill them. Within years, the entire animal population would be gone, leaving hundreds of thousands of xenomorphs on the surface waiting for a “visitor”.

    I admit, that I too, have come up with a storyline. It takes place 20 years after A:R, so age will not be a factor for the actors. And they are roped, or should I say coerced,(lol) into helping the USM who have indeed discovered their “homeworld”. Or have they?

    please feel free to look me up on facebook and leave me any comments.

  • oops I forgot, I am under Pineapple Dan F on facebook.

  • Alex Crossley

    Brendan UK – YOU THE MAN!!!!!!
    Excellent idea you’ve got. As I read your short masterpiece, I was picturing it in my mind. With an opening sequence like that, WOW, you could do anything.
    Best idea by far. If Ridley, Cameron or anyone else steals that idea and makes it happen then get yourself a good lawyer and sue them to death.
    By the way, if it comes to that, then don’t forget me – I could really use the cash :-)

  • Ernesto

    Good news for everyone!!!! Please listen to the video in the website below. There is going to be an Alien 5!!!!

  • Prince Rogers Nelson

    Hmmmm, it doesnt give too much away – are we sure its a done deal?

  • Ernesto

    Honestly I don’t know. But from what I understand FilmXtra is a reliable source. But only time will tell.

  • Prince Rogers Nelson

    its happening – ridley scott has confirmed

  • matthew

    I think alein would be the ultimate and it would only work if ripley(sigourney weaver) took the lead role. No prequils just a final show down between ripley and the aleins. It has being the best franchise ever nothing can match it in success. Everyone should just forget avp disaster and bring back another alein movie. The alei franchise needs a finale we need to see ripley go to the aleins home world.I feel its not finished and I need to see the end. They are most favourite movies nothing can top them. The franchise needs one more movie. We all want to see ripley back in action.

  • paul D’alean

    hell yes, one more slam bang hair raising butt clenching save the galaxie movie. can’t wait

  • Mack

    Newt is dead you idiots. And w00h00! The Alien 5/Prequel is a go with Ridley Scott! Cheers!

  • mr x

    it would be amazing if there was another aliens film but i think james cameron should direct it but that is my opinion and they should add the marines in it aswell as they were amazing in aliens but still another alien film sound great

  • Rene Soucy

    Why, oh why did they forget about the alien ship on lv-426 in Alien 4! But the location of the Alien planet is maybe buried in the strange being of “Lt.Ripley”. I would like to see her reach that planet and raise hell on them in an ultimate “pay back time” frenzy. My title would be “Home World”. Let’s see Lt.Ripley being riped apart between hate and fascination, between her and it… great stuff!

  • monicA


  • Eslarya

    It would be very wise of FOX to bring Riply back for a big bang finish. There were a lot of questions that were not answered in the Alien Resurrection. The biggest question that stands out in my mind is this:

    When will you really get to see the true company leaders and what are their true intentions with the Aliens and Predators? Would Ripley discover any of this and bring it crashing around their ears, or would they simply get away with countless murders and cover-ups?

  • Mel

    I think the ‘aliens’ should be insects on their home planet that were genetically engineered to create the aliens as we know them.

    It makes perfect sense given that they have many characteristics of insect species and it would tie in with some of the lines from previous films in the franchise like ‘another bug hunt’, etc.

  • Chris

    I think Sigourney Weaver should do an Alien 5. It wouldn’t seem right if she doesn’t because in all the Alien films: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection, she is the one person who really makes it all come together.

    Personally I think it would turn out to be boring unless shes in it.

  • Steve

    I don’t think so. We’ve seen the alien so much now that we’ve become desensitized to it. It simply isn’t frightening anymore. If they experienced problems with scripts like they did with Alien 3, it would be a failure. I loved the first two films. After those, I think they should have quit while they were ahead.