Film Junk Podcast Episode #175: Hancock


0:00 – Intro
1:20 – In-house Stuff: Why Film Junk Was Down, Bruce & Lloyd DVD Giveaway
5:40 – What We Watched: Drillbit Taylor, City of Men, Batman: Gotham Knight, Wanted, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Sherman’s March, The Brothers Grimm
22:48 – Junk Mail: Poor Blu-ray Transfers, TV Remakes as Comedies, CG in Movies, and Poutine
1:02:20 – Review: Hancock
1:18:05 – Trailer Trash: Quantum of Solace, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Knowing
1:31:45 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:34:40 – Outro

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  • Greg

    Although I asked for the Jeffersons theme at the end of the show, I’m content with the Sanford & Son theme.


  • The Batman: Gotham Knight has been pitched as a “Sequel Prequel” to the Dark Knight, which puts it between the two films… but it certainly isn’t mandatory viewing. There are references to The Narrows, and the mob that are connected to The Dark Knight, but its more a marketing gimmick than a plot point.

  • Ryan M.

    : ) I had noticed that. I like Sanford & Son better in terms of the theme song and definitely the show so its all good.

    I bet this Halloween video will be great and hopefully involves some kind of practical makeup effects so I can see what Jay Cheel does with it. Sean running through fire and crying like a child would work too.

    I may be an “idiot” but I’ve got a suggestion to consider. Other than for title cards I’m not sure whether I like fake film scratches. It feels really distracting at times, but understand it counteracts the sometimes artificial sharpness of the HVX-200. If you could find a filter for film specks or just decrease the opaqueness of a grain filter I think you can get the same effect with less distraction. Jay, I think fake film scratches are distracting to me for the same reason (that even you claim) CG is distracting: I know it’s fake.

    I can’t wait to see Hancock because of this much discussed (in all reviews on the net) twist and hopefully I could figure out what movie Jay compared it too that spoils it.

    Double kudos.

  • Greg

    Bah! Jeffersons, Barney Miller and Night Court are the best sitcom themes of all time.

  • No way, Quantum Leap has the best sitcom theme of all time.

  • Greg

    Ouch..why the hate on Quantum Leap?

  • I don’t hate Quantum Leap, I just think the theme song sounds oddly upbeat.

  • You guys liked Starsky and Hutch? Or is this another example of me not picking up on the sarcasm. For now, speechless.

  • Loved Starsky and Hutch. Seriously.

  • Practical effects. ID4. Yes!