Scott Spiegel in Talks to Direct Hostel 3?


Last week we reported that a third Hostel movie was in development, and that Eli Roth would probably not return to write or direct. Now this week, Bloody Disgusting has an inside scoop on who his replacement might be. Apparently a reliable source has revealed that Scott Spiegel, producer of the first two Hostel films, is in “serious talks” to write and direct Hostel: Part III.

Spiegel’s name is one that will be familiar to many horror fans, although I’m not sure that it’s necessarily a guarantee of quality. He is a long-time collaborator of Sam Raimi (he is credited as co-writer on Evil Dead II) and in addition to playing many bit parts in Raimi’s films, he also directed From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money and a few other low budget horror flicks. It should come as no surprise that Hostel: Part III is also expected to go direct to DVD, but I’ll admit that I am somewhat curious to see what he can deliver. More on this as it develops.

  • They don’t have much to work with. This concept was basically played out by the end of the first film. The sequel was a re-hashing of things we’d already seen. And the third will be even worse.

    It’s a shame a movie can’t just stand alone anymore, without sequel after sequel being made. The original could have been a classic. Has Eli Roth run dry?

  • Too bad for Scotty Spiegel. He is a terrific director and great supporter of Horror who is in need of an ORIGINAL screenplay. Although if anyone can take a shitty idea for a sequel and make something fun out of it (Dusk til Dawn 2 was a totally unnessicary sequel) Speigel is your man.

    Check out “Intruder” (aka: Night Crew) for a great taste of Scott’s unique (and often copied by Sam Raimi himself) style.


  • Ryan

    I would only get invested in the state of this project if Kubrick or Kurosawa rose from the grave and said this would be their dream project.

    There are no other conditions for my interest.

  • If Scott Spiegel is in, I’m in.

  • Swarez

    Oh no. Wacky camera angle overkill here we come.