James Bond Quantum of Solace Trailer Starring Daniel Craig


I think I was the only person on the planet who didn’t think that Casino Royale was the best Bond movie in years, but even though the grittier action scenes didn’t make it any better than the Pierce Brosnan flicks in my opinion, I did still enjoy it. What can I say, I am a sucker for a James Bond movie, and I thought Daniel Craig made a great addition to the long line of 007’s.

The first teaser trailer for the next James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace has just arrived online, and I think it looks pretty good — maybe better than Casino Royale because there’s less poker in it. Marc Forster (Stranger Than Fiction, Monster’s Ball, The Kite Runner) is directing this time around, and although it’s hard to tell from this trailer what his influence might be, I am hoping he can put a fresh spin on things. Clearly they are continuing their attempt to turn the Bond franchise into the Jason Bourne series here, and although I love the Bourne movies, I just don’t want them to lose sight of what makes Bond so timeless. The story seems cool; from what I can tell it’s something about Bond going up against his own organization, and it apparently picks up right where Casino Royale left off. Quantum of Solace hits theatres on November 7th; check out the trailer below and see what you think.

  • swarez

    They sure do love having people run around rooftops these days don’t they? Looks like it will be pretty good in the action department.

  • Ryan

    I missed my window of opportunity! It looks like Sony Pictures Entertainment has taken this off the tube. Apparently it’ll be attached to Hancock (which I will see).

    As for the Jason Bourning of Bond; I don’t necessarily hate that. As long as they don’t get rid of villians with weird shit going on (like that wtf thing going on with the guy’s bleeding eye in Casino Royale). Bond to me is going in the right direction with Brosnan and now Craig. The previous era of Bond was like the Batman Blu-ray you guys were offering. Brosnan and Craig have brought on a Batman Begins era for Bond.

  • I embedded the Moviefone version instead, but as usual, it doesn’t seem to be working very well.

  • Try the TWITCH PLAYER version it’s clean and easily embeddable. (here: http://twitchfilm.net/site/view/bond-is-back-its-the-quantum-of-solace-trailer/ )

  • Excellent bait and switch by Kurt. Disney and McDonald’s would be proud. :D

  • Here is a link to a downloadable trailer in HD (hope this is OK to post): http://www.equilibriumblog.de/wordpress/2008/06/30/quantum-of-solace-der-trailer-ist-da/

  • Ian

    This looks like a fun one. I’m really enjoying the more angry less suave bond. He uses women instead of them being his vice. Plus Jeffery Wright is back so that’s also cool.

  • Looks good to me. The only thing Casino Royale was missing was a decent car chase that lasted more than five seconds. So long as this one has a nice chase scene I think I’ll like it more than it’s predecessor.

  • theman

    Hell yeah!!!!

  • Primal

    I am not too much of a James Bond fan. I couldn’t tell you which of the old Bond movies, pre-Bronsnan, that I would catch on tv. The only Bonds films I really liked was GoldenEye and Casino Royale. I do like Daniel Craig’s version of Bond and can’t wait to see the sequel.

  • Nate

    I also thought Casino Royale was merely okay. The first two hours or so were good but the last half hour was terrible. It was slow, cliched, and I couldn’t begin to care about the bad guys that were introduced. I guess that aspect will make more sense with QoS, but it’s still a weak way to end a film in my opinion.

    Still, Craig did a good job and CR was certainly a step in the right direction for the franchise. I’ll check this out.

  • i’ve always found bond movies kind of boring, this one looks no different. They need to find a way to incorporate The Rock into these movies, don’t you agree greg?