Film Junk Podcast Episode #174: WALL-E and Wanted


0:00 – Intro
1:20 – In-house Stuff: Batman: The Movie Blu-ray Giveaway, The Documentary Blog on Facebook
8:00 – Stuff We Watched This Week: Night Watch, Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs, I Survived a Japanese Game Show, The Simpsons Movie, High School, Be Kind Rewind, Persepolis
23:05 – Junk Mail
33:45 – Review: Kung Fu Panda
37:10 – Review: WALL-E
55:00 – Review: Wanted
1:13:25 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:16:12 – Outro

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  • swarez

    I had no real interest in seeing Wanted to begin with but seeing how many are giving it the thumbs up I am now very excited to see it.
    I think it’s the sort of balls to the walls action movie that I can enjoy without me being bugged by things like logic. If it establishes its universe where things like that can happen then it’s not a problem for me. I don’t have a problem also with it “borrowing” from other films if it handles it in an innovative and entertaining way. I think it’s one of those films I’ll give a complete pass when it comes to believability or things like that because I don’t think every movie should have “substance” or a message. For me it’s like a pop song on the radio, something you have fun dancing once in a while. Just because I like Tom Waits, Tap Tap or Midlake doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a Justin Timberlake song.

  • Short show this week, eh?

  • I like how Jay has become so jaded that when Wanted does use practical effects to form clearly the best action sequence of the film (McAvoy running around grabbing guns out of midair and carrying around a puppet on his arm in real time) he compares it to being one notch above The Matrix where Keaunu’s digital image is spun like a pinwheel in bullet time.

  • Ryan

    I lol with Greg over Jay comparing Wanted to a dish from KFC. I anticipate siding with Sean on this one when I finally see Wanted. Saying Jay is jaded isn’t even a strong enough word. Get over it Jay, CGI is here to stay. Although I can sympathize, the completely human-based action spectacle of 80’s Golden Harvest films has a warm place in my heart.

    One thing puzzled me with the review; the changes from the graphic lit stray way beyond “a bit” as you said Sean. I could tell that from the trailer and a browse of the website that the film didn’t include Shit-head, Fuckwit, Mr. Rictus or superpowers in any capacity (except insane gunplay). Plus, that loom bullshit is just awful.

  • It definitely strays a lot from the comic, and the infamous ending is toned down considerably. The film still works on its own, though I do think it would have been better if it was closer to the book, especially if they kept all of the meta references.

    I’m pretty sure Jay took his first step towards the dark side when he realized the horse’s mouth in Hot to Trot was digitally touched up. He still is adamant that they should use wires through their lips to simulate speaking.

  • Either I wasn’t clear enough in my review or you guys simply aren’t listening.

    My criticism of Wanted’s CG (Did I even really centre out the CG that much?) isn’t from a technical point of view or some inate hatred of films that use CG, but rather from a creative/style point of view. The action scenes didn’t have any weight or danger to them, and that’s because of the choices made by the filmmakers, not because of the CG itself. There was CG in Terminator 2 and I mention that film right in my review as an example of action done well.

    Man, didn’t we just go through a giant wave of people complaining about Spielberg’s OVERUSE of CG in Indiana Jones 4? When I was defending that film, I didn’t hear anyone simply ‘getting over it’.

    CG is not the issue here. The issue is Wanted completely missing the mark in terms of what I personally look for in action films. Aesthetically, it’s not my bag. The horrible rock soundtrack, the bad tribal tattoos and the laughably over the top action is just that: laughable. If that was the goal, mission accomplished. Either way, i’d take a sloppy fist fight or car chase any day.

    P.S. If this film was made 20 years ago, Martin Short would’ve played MacAvoy’s character and it would’ve been 100 times better.

    P.S.S. I’m pretty sure the majority of that Matrix hallway scene was shot using wirework.

  • dirrrtyfrank

    dwyer needs to pull the trigger on a ps3 ASAP

  • dirrrtyfrank

    also … that danny elfman song fuckin rips