Michel Gondry’s Top 25 Music Videos of the Last 25 Years


Slightly more interesting and meaningful than Entertainment Weekly’s Top 100 Movies of the Past 25 Years, is the list that they’ve published this week from Michel Gondry covering his favourite music videos of the past 25 years.

Gondry is only one of the most prolific and innovative music video directors of all-time, so it’s interesting to see the kind of stuff that impresses him the most. I’ve included the full list after the jump (in no particular order), complete with YouTube links. To read some of his descriptions of each, check out the full article via the link at the bottom of the post.

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  • nice list
    I haven’t got through half of it yet but it’s always nice to see an artist’s taste in the same domain he excels at.
    I noticed a few Spike Jonze videos in here, they sure are creatively linked.

  • Liney

    I’m actually kind of surprised (in a bad way…I LOVE Gondry) at how mainstream that list is. Of course mainstream isn’t bad in itself – I would probably have included some of those – but I would have expected to see some more ingenious lesser known ones on his list.

    I’m thinking of stuff like Sugar Water by Cibo Matto…but then Gondry directed that!!

  • mcb

    I think cant stop by the red hot chili peppers should be in here