Hostel 3 On The Way


After the disappointing box office returns for Eli Roth’s Hostel: Part II, people were only to happy to proclaim the “torture porn” genre dead. But not so fast… it looks like the backlash isn’t stopping Lionsgate from churning out Hostel III. There isn’t much to go on right now, but according to Bloody Disgusting, Eli Roth will not write or direct this sequel. There is also no word on whether it will be released theatrically or direct to DVD.

Although I wasn’t that pleased with Hostel: Part II, I think Eli Roth did offer something more than a rehash of the first. However, without his involvement, I doubt that I will give part 3 a chance. Did you like Hostel: Part II? Are you interested in seeing a third Hostel film?

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  • Oh joy.

  • Matt

    It’s always the exact same thing in these type of movies. I wouldn’t be suprised if this thing goes straight to dvd, so it can reach the few people that still wanna watch this stuff.

  • I can’t imagine that it will go any other way but direct to DVD.

  • Ryan

    I didn’t even like the original Hostel. The only decent things that came from Roth were Cabin Fever and that Thanksgiving trailer from Grindhouse. I will take a shit in the case of Hostel: Part III in the back a Wal-mart, close it together, and put it back on the rack so whoever purchases this gets what they deserve.

  • Swarez

    Hostel 2 was way better than part one IMO. Not rehashing the same story and giving us a new perspective on the business of murder.

    I’d like to see a story where somebody who has survived the ordeal would take on the company head on.

  • They should just take the script for Hostel 3 and make it Saw 7 (much like they did with the Lethal Weapon script which eventually became Die Hard With A Vengeance) so that we only have to deal with one horrible modern horror series rather than two.

  • I never liked hostel to begin with but when you take roth out of the picture my interest drops to absolutely zero.

  • Primal

    Hold up Rian, are you saying that Lethal Weapon and Die Hard sucks to you? Just kidding. ;)

    I liked Hostel 1 and Hostel 2 was alright. His films play much better with his commentaries with Tarantino. The amount of movie knowledge those guys can spew out in 90 minutes is pretty impressive.

  • I’m a fan of both HOSTEL and HOSTEL II, swarez is right, the second one is likely better than the first. But then again, I treat all of Roths films like ‘pitch-black comedies’ not horror flicks. Comedies with homages to better films, but that doesn’t make the Hostel flicks and Cabin Fever bad. They are a lot of ‘fun’ in a strange way. I’ve never understood the out-and-out hatred leveled at these films by fans of the genre.

  • i so want them to make a hostel part 3. I hope that they make it.

  • Hostel two is good but one disgusting part i like is the guy getting eatin alive listing to habanera

  • prem sunwar

    I really loved hostel 1 and 2 and i think they should make 3 also..

  • i think eli roth should go and help them direct and produce hostel 3. the sequel was much better than the original.and i know that if eli roth make a part 3 it will be better than the 2 one.

  • we need beth 2 come back it will suck if they dont start it from the ending of part 2.

  • Gav

    1 and 2 were top would love to see a 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rikke

    I hope that there will be a third Hostel, I’m a great fan of especially number two and I cheered on Beth as she talked her way out of the chair. That’s the woman I hope I am!! And gettin even in the end was such a :-) Well, I quite liked her way with the scissors!

  • Tom Bond

    i like Hostel 2 in parts becasue i am Bulgarian and when they spoke slovakian i understud it. Also many of the actors are not American. No offence i like american actors but to see some Bulgarian and Slovakian actors it was cool. I wode like to see hostel 3 with more gore in it. The 2 one was cool at the end but i wish this happens to no one. This is inded a scary movie.

  • danny

    i think they should make better horror movies like from the 70’s and early 80’s and forget these hostels saws ans human centipede

  • danny

    i rather see a remake to the exorcist then some of the trush hollywood is putting out like human centipede and hostels eli roth is a sick man and so is rob zombie
    guys there needs to be better horror movies

  • Trevor

    j like both Hostel films cant wait for no3

  • heather

    loved both movies.. hope they make a 3rd one. i hope its about beth running the whole thing and now shes the one killing people .. or she prenteds to and then kills them all.. haha .. love it!!

  • Trevor

    Hi i liked Hostel pt2,it left it open,us fans want to find out who is behind it all please lets have Hostel no3,trevor