Film Junk Podcast Episode #173: Get Smart and The Love Guru


0:00 – Intro / Greg’s New Piercing
5:00 – In-house Announcements
5:56 – Headlines: Stan Winston R.I.P., Josh Brolin is the New Snake Plissken?, Motley Crue Seeking New Producers for The Dirt, Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards Will Be Two Movies
20:50 – Feature: Judging The Best Comic Book Movies of All Time
29:45 – Junk Mail
1:11:25 – What We Watched: The Nude Bomb, Once In A Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, Superbad, Rescue Me: Season 4, Panic Room, Heavy Metal in Baghdad, Law and Order, Baron Blood, Five Dolls for an August Moon
1:20:05 – Review: Get Smart
1:31:55 – Review: The Love Guru
1:45:20 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:47:05 – Outro

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  • Excellent. I’ll save that for my commute.

  • please do not review films without spoilers. They are infuriating to listen to. We’re all big film fans, if the movie interests us we see it opening day.

    Full spoilers, please.

  • Do not stay away from specifics. Just talk about movie. Whoever wrote that idiotic letter does not represent the audience. Just keep doing what you do.

  • To be fair Rusty, I don`t think that person is in the minority. It`s not the first time I`ve heard that complaint about our reviews. Either way, we`ll do our best to keep both sides happy.

  • Keep with the spoilers in reviews. The shows stay in your archives. People can catch up with them after they’ve seen the flick. Label spoilers. Discuss the flick. Other than discussing the films, what is there?

  • Bob Ross and (in the cooking show world) The Urban Peasant were fabulous TV shows to simply be hypnotized by the character and what they do. Loved both of those programs, back in the early 1990s.

  • To be fair Sean I think that person is in the minority, of course people don’t write in to say “I love the spoilers, keep it up”. We’re a silent majority. I suspect more people will comment here in support of spoiers. If not, I guess I’m wrong and am in the minority. You should still keep spoilers though.

    They should’ve sent in Bob Ross to calm down the Hulk.

  • To be honest I prefer no spoilers. I think there is a tendency among critics who have to write several reviews a week to fall back on simply explaining what the movie is. The obsession with explaining the plot is ruining sound criticism. I could care less what a movie is about, if anything the trailers will tell me, and if they don’t, that’s part of the moviegoing experience, I’d rather hear specific criticism of the various elements that come together to make a movie. You can talk about an actors performance without having to resort to “in that situation when he delivered that line I felt this”. And if you have to point out something specific, you can be vague about it.

    As few spoilers as humanly possible is preferred. But I’m okay with a warning, I simply skip over the reviews of the films I want to see but still hadn’t at the time (No Country, There Will Be Blood, Jesse James and so on). But I do think a conscious effort to try and focus less on what happened in the film, and rather on how it happened, would be beneficial to any reviewer.

  • Henrik, we’re not talking about generalities. We’re talking about J/S/G continuing on with the show we all love vs. tiptoeing around the points they want to make.

    Of course no one wants to hear some detailed plot synopses (though I’m sure some idiot will be writing in next week to ask for it). But I do want to hear, as you said, specific criticisms. Or as Jay said, I want them to talk about the movie and what their reaction to it was.

    What it comes down to is this: do you want to hear a discussion of No Country where they’re afraid to discuss the ending? I have no interest in that, and if I did I’d be too busy reading Lenny Maltin reviews to bother with film junk.

    And Henrik, you cannot be vague and specific at once.

  • You can be specific, talking about ie. the score or the cinematography, but that doesn’t have to spoil anything. Judge it, but don’t explain it.

  • So, I’m confused, do you listen to their discussion of films you haven’t seen or not?

  • Rusty: I don’t think we’re talking about changing our review style at all. The main reason why the e-mail was sent in the first place was because we specifically gave a spoiler warning about The Happening at the very beginning of the review, which is something we don’t do too often. So that was something out of the ordinary, and someone was worried that we would start doing it all the time. I am saying that I don’t think this will be (nor does it need to be) a regular occurrence.

  • Only if I don’t give a shit about the film. If it’s something I am excited about, I avoid reviews because they usually spoil parts of the movie.

  • @ “Only if I don’t give a shit about the film. If it’s something…”
    Exactly my point.

    Sean, as long as you’re not talking about changing the show then I’m fine.

  • Primal

    Definitely tough to know which movies I’d like to hear spoilers on. I wouldn’t want to hear spoilers of a movie that I haven’t seen yet, of course. I don’t care to hear spoilers on movies that are horrible or I don’t care to see.

    When it comes to spoiler-warned films that are really good or hilariously funny, I think it adds some replay value to that episode because we might wanna go back to hear an in-depth discussion on that film. You guys definitely sound more articulate when you guys aren’t restraining yourselves.

  • So Josh Brolin was in four fairly high profile movie last year: Grindhouse, No Country, In the Valley of Elah and American Gangster. Crazy.

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  • Mathilda Rose

    Fuck You, I’m sick of people like you acting like Heath’s death isn’t sad. So because he died of a drug overdose you shouldn’t feel bad????

    Fucking Homophobe!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t think any of us were saying that his death isn’t sad. We were just saying it’s too bad that the death of someone like Stan Winston doesn’t get as much attention by comparison.

    Not sure what being a homophobe has to do with any of it either… because Heath starred in Brokeback Mountain?