Motley Crue Looking for New Producers for The Dirt Movie


About a year and a half ago, we heard that Larry Charles (Borat, Curb Your Enthusiasm) had been recruited to direct the Motley Crue biopic The Dirt, based on the no-holds-barred book by Neil Strauss. It sounded like a great match, and there were also some juicy rumours about Christopher Walken and Val Kilmer making cameos as Ozzy and David Lee Roth. Unfortunately, it’s starting to sound like this particular version of the movie may not end up seeing the light of day. Not only has there been no news about it recently, but while doing press for their new album Saints of Los Angeles, Motley Crue recently gave a damning update on the movie from their point of view.

Apparently the band is not happy with the vision that MTV Films and Paramount had, and they are now looking for new partners to work with. Bassist Nikki Six had this to say: “We’re trying to get them (MTV) out of the way to make this movie that should have been made a long time ago… MTV has become bogged down in its own way. It’s a channel that used to be hip and has now actually become unhip. We signed with them because we believed they were right, but they haven’t come to the table. We need to find the right partner. They are not the right partner.”

Could it be that they weren’t happy with the comedic direction the movie was taking (which it almost certainly would have been with Larry Charles on board)? I find it hard to believe that a movie about their early days of partying and excess could actually be done seriously. Rich Wilkes (xXx, Airheads, The Stöned Age) wrote the original draft of the script. I just hope the movie doesn’t get stalled indefinitely because the band wants too much creative control.

  • Matt

    Man, the one on the left is totally hot…wait a minute…THEY’RE ALL DUDES!

  • the most entertianing book I’ve ever read…hands down.

  • Karni

    This is one of my favorite books, ever! I’LL PRODUCE IT! Email me, Motley Crue!! I’m the right partner!!!


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  • Yup, awesome book. This movie can’t be made soon enough – though having said that I want it done right, so I’m willing to wait.

    Not sure I really want the comedic version. Sure there’s going to be some funny parts, but I was hoping it would be more like an over the top version of Mark Wahlberg’s “Rock Star.” Something a bit darker and serious with just The Crue taking it the the limits.

  • Carlos C.

    I can’t wait for the movie. If the movie is done the Motley way. This movie is going to fuckin rock. The new album SOLA great piece of work.

  • Luke

    This movie will not be good I can tell you, there is no way that such an awesome book will be reincarnated as an equally as good movie, I want it to be good, but it wont be… Find the right cast is a near impossible task, none of the stars will even look remotley like the rock star they are supposed to represent, and there is just too much in the book to be shown in the movie… All you will get is the bare bones of the book, the important parts, none of the smaller, cooler things that happened

  • Shannon

    Of course the movie will not be like the book. Duh. When has a movie that was made from a book ever like the book? Hello, it’s called poetic license. There is too much info in the book for it to be put all in a movie script. That would be one long ass movie if it were. Plus writers/directors/producers know that they have to keep the audiences attention so therein lies the brevity of some of the info and twisting of other info.

    I do hope Motley figures it all out and that the movie gets made. I will definitely watch it, and not nit pick over if it strays from the book and look for misinformation or continuity flaws.

  • Chad

    I don’t know… Ashton Kutcher will make a great Tommy Lee! He looks and acts alot like him! Gonna be a great film! Can’t Wait! What about the new OZZY OSBOURNE movie? Check out the trailer here: Bet this will be an awesome film too!

  • Sally

    Problem is that Ashton Kutcher is a crappy actor. I think they should get virtually unknowns so that the cast doesn’t detract from one of the most incredbile stories that I have ever read that is non-fiction. I hope they make the movie…but I think Nikki is brilliant and he won’t let a pile of garbage come out.

  • tommy

    I have been behind motley for several decades now.I think they need this movie but we wanna see it as it was and not some joke.look at the lives the art and the music.we want the real thing not the real also willing to wait because the book is outstanding so i know the movie will be if we just leave it up to the boys that lived it.and remember in the seasons whither we stand and deliver so stick to your guns and knock em dead kids!

  • Matt

    It’s “Lords of Dogtown” & “Boogie Nights” meets Heavy Metal. Someone needs to make a serious bio-pic about the best heavy metal band ever, the band who created the scene, the scene that started on the Sunset Strip in L.A. Seriously, the fan base is there and ready for this movie. Make it.

  • Miki

    Love these guys
    I’m gonna read the books
    But DAMN! Nikki looks soooooo fucking sexy

  • vic

    haha, i dont think they look like women. Only like men with makeup.

  • Eddie Monster

    If Nikki, Tommy, Vince, and Mick have control then it should be a Kick Ass Movie. Can’t phucking wait to see it. It should have lots of rare footage though. That would be a great idea!

  • chad

    i would make a badass nikkisixx. i look like him XD!/

  • chad

    i posted the wrong link. this is my nikki sixx pic!/profile.php?id=1098618927

  • E Double

    Darren Aronofsky should direct and this SHOULD NOT be a comedy at all. In fact is should be written and directed in a retrospective view. The shit these guys did was unreal in the fact that they are all still alive. NOT FUNNY. If written, directed and cast right (WITHOUT FUCKING MTV) this could be an Oscar contender. If its a comedy, then not only is it a direct jab at the band questioning the events surrounding them, but it has no chance of taking on the issues that they adress in the book.

  • thrashaholic

    i hate the crue, but the book is great. this can not be a comedy- the book is very serious involving drug and alcohol abuse and family issue along with other dark sides of life, death, fame and money issues

  • 2Fingers

    Ozzy’s book was pretty funny in a serious way maybe he should make a movie too…PS the crue sucks.

  • StevieK

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