Special Effects Master Stan Winston 1946-2008


It’s the end of an era folks… visual effects wizard Stan Winston has passed away. He died at his home Sunday evening, finally succumbing to a seven year struggle with multiple myeloma (a form of cancer). The man has done special effects for just about every groundbreaking FX movie in the past 30 years, from Predator to Jurassic Park to Terminator. What would you say is his most memorable work? R.I.P. Stan, you will be missed.

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    Can’t believe it!!!! Only 62!!!! One of the great prop, make-up and mech special effects wizards of my generation! Damn he is going to be missed!! Loved the guy and loved his work!!1 Always seemed like a genuine person in interviews! It’s a loss for the movie industry!!!

    What’s with all these celebrity deaths lately anyway????

  • That’s sad, I love Stan Winston. He was fun and unpretentious (maybe a media whore? Who knows…), he did a commentary track on Jurassic Park 3, which is pretty cool.

  • That’s a shame. It’s another blow to the chances of practical effects coming back in movies today. I wish there would be a sect of filmmakers who would either sparingly, or never use CGI(Something like a Dogme 95 movement, specifically for special effects.) I think practical effects, when done well, are much better.

    Anyway– Rest in piece, Stan. I hope he created a lifelike anumatronic version of himself to jump out of his casket at the funeral to provide one more scare.

  • wow…and I read this right after watching 3 Alien movies…RIP mr. Winston, you were the best.

  • Ian

    Well I think he was more of a practical creature special effects guy. I’d say that Jurassic Park had some impressive anamatronic dinos but personally I liked Aliens for the queen.

  • theDia

    What a loss. Winston was just always there – in almost every of my favourite movies. :(

    For me his best (or better most personell) work was Pumpkinhead. Not just one of the greatest monster-mvies ever, but one wich was really scary and well directed by the man. I will honor him today with watching this almost forgotten masterpiece again tonight.

  • theman

    Oh no this sucks…. Seeya Stan

  • This is a crying shame. Stan Winston is one of those people who helped shape my imagination as a child and he will be sorely missed.

  • Matt

    Wow. He will trully be missed, not just by the studios, the family and friends, but also by the legions of fans that couldn’t get enough of his imaginative creations. I knew that every movie he was part of would be something special and would not disappoint. I am very glad that I have been a witness to a lot of his genius, and I am so very glad that his achievements were recognized while he was alive. Rest in peace, Stan.

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