Spike Lee’s Miracle at St. Anna Trailer Starring Derek Luke and Joseph Gordon-Levitt


After directing Inside Man and the Hurricane Katrina documentary When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts back in 2006 (both of which, I might add, were fantastic), Spike Lee laid low for most of 2007. This fall, however, he will return to the spotlight with a new film called Miracle at St. Anna. The trailer starts off by hinting that it will be a thriller of sorts, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt investigating a murder committed by a well-respected man with no apparent motive. But then we are presented with a flashback to World War II, and a group of soldiers stationed in all black 92nd Infantry unit in Italy.

Based on the novel by James McBride, it seems obvious why Spike Lee would be interested since it seems to deal with issues of segregation and racism, but there is also a mystery to the story that is hard to resist. All I know is that if it’s even half as good as Inside Man, this is going to be a movie well worth watching, and the trailer looks absolutely gorgeous. Miracle at St. Anna hits theatres on September 26th; scope out the trailer below.

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  • I admit, I’m intrigued.

  • Swarez

    damn the video is gone.

  • The Yahoo link still works… I’ll try to find another YouTube replacement.

  • ProjectGenesisGangster

    I just find it funny that this trailer came out after a week of a tabloid Clint vs. Spike extravaganza. It makes a lot more sense now why Spike was critical of movies that came out 2 years ago; he’s making his own war movie! Good for him because the best film criticism is making your own damn movie. Do The Right Thing, Jungle Fever, Malcolm X, Summer of Sam and Bamboozled are all great IMO. Eastwood didn’t make a knock-off Leone or Siegel film until what…fucking Bird. But hey, next time you need a Grad school paper…compare the myth of violence in Eastwood’s Unforgiven and The Rookie. Holla!

  • The trailer was really good. I’ll definitely check it out when it arrives in the cinema.

  • Swarez

    Trailer looks good. Am I the only one who thinks Miracle at St Anna is a pretty weak and not to mention misleading title for a film like this?

    And regarding that Spike vs Eastwood thing. As usual the press took everything out of context and made Spike Lee look like a fool.

  • rot

    You are alone Swarez, this looks great. Instead of the same old war movie, there is some intrigue to this one.

  • Ryan

    Inside Man was his most entertaining film yet so I might check this out. I’m just glad Spike Lee has finally stopped focusing so adamantly upon race in his films. Why doesn’t he realize that his constant racial commentary hurts race relations more than it helps?

  • GothicLiner

    OOOOOOOOH! THIS IS THIS LOOKS SOOOOOOO GOOD! Give me a break. I read the book, and it is not very good. As for Lee’s comments, all I can say is that he is an embarassment to short people.

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