Kevin Smith’s Zack and Miri Teaser Pisses Off the MPAA


Hey, remember that new teaser trailer that was posted last week for Kevin Smith’s upcoming movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno? Well apparently they were asked to pull it off of the Quick Stop Entertainment website by the MPAA, because it had not been approved beforehand. Plus they weren’t big fans of the, shall we say, “suggestive” language being used in the trailer.

What gives the MPAA the right to police the internet, you might ask? Well, despite the fact that Kevin Smith has been cutting his own web-exclusive trailers for his movies for years, he is no longer an independent filmmaker. The movie is being produced by The Weinstein Company, who are a “signatory” of the MPAA, which means that all of their marketing materials must go through them first (even on the web). That’s just the way it goes. There are certain standards that they try to uphold, and in recent years they’ve become even more strict about enforcing this after the disturbing public billboards that were created for the torture porn flick Captivity. I’m sure you’ll still be able to find the video in question elsewhere around the web anyway, but if you ask me, I think the MPAA are doing Smith a favour… that teaser was pretty lame in the first place!

  • Ghey. Web content shouldn’t be censored. Especially when it’s a teaser for a crap movie.

  • That teaser was pretty pointless and dumb, but why censor it? I don’t know why it’s being called a teaser in the first place. Couldn’t they have just said “we’re showing you some short clips” instead of “here’s a teaser”?

  • Ryan

    : ) The MPAA was certainly doing Kevin Smith a favor. I read that teaser was composed of stuff that wont be in the movie and thank God for that.

  • I only enjoy old skool Smith. He sucks now.

  • I liked the teaser, I would even like to see it again.

  • Levi77

    I saw the teaser and it was pretty awful.

    And not funny. Smith has been witty in the past. But this film is going to be utter crap if this is the best he can up with for the teaser.

    Just having actors use profanity and sexual explicit language is not funny. The overrated Seth Rogen and the near talentless Elizabeth Banks can’t save this mess of a film.

    Rogen and Banks wouldn’t have careers if they hadn’t lucked out getting cast in Judd Apatow films.

    Kevin Smith has become another Guy Ritchie. A once talented filmmaker who has become a talentless hack milquetoast since getting married to a woman who keeps him on a very short leash personally and I’m guessing creatively.

    Who’s influenced Ritchie and Smith to make the films they’ve made lately that have bombed? Gee, their wives? I guess Madonna and Jennifer have to screw up their husband’s careers when they are not getting awful plastic surgery.