New Green Lantern Movie in the Works, Jack Black Not Likely to Star


For those of you wondering how Marvel is able to churn out comic book movies like a well-oiled machine while DC is constantly stuck spinning their wheels, you’ll be pleased to hear that DC’s at least got a couple more projects in the works aside from the not-so-promising Justice League film. One of them is the on again/off again Wonder Woman movie that we’ve been hearing about for years, but the other one, which I hadn’t heard about until now, is Green Lantern.

Now, a few years ago there was a Green Lantern script floating around that had been written by Saturday Night Live’s Robert Smigel, with Jack Black attached to star. Comic geeks flipped when they heard about this, and the project just sort of quietly went away. However, now it seems that a new Green Lantern film is once again in development with the team of Marc Guggenheim (Eli Stone), Greg Berlanti (Eli Stone) and Michael Green (Smallville, Heroes) writing the script. In a recent interview with Newsarama, Guggenheim confirmed that it would be respectful and loving (ie. not a comedy):

“I think Green Lantern has the potential to be a very highly regarded superhero movie. We’re approaching it with such respect and such care. And really, it’s written to be a movie that everyone who’s not familiar with the character can enjoy, but there are so many nods to things that I know the fans love and care about that I think people will be very happy.”

Are you convinced? And yes they are going with Hal Jordan. I have to admit, there’s a part of me that really wants to know how that Smigel version would have turned out. But I suppose I’m down with a more serious Green Lantern movie as well. So, let’s have it people… is this good news?

  • 1138

    I think this is definitely good news. Marvel is really doing their characters justice so why shouldn’t DC? I know that Warners which owns DC has a tendency to screw things up and Marvel actually has quality control (Which is easier since they control their own copyrights). But that is no excuse to make Green Lantern with Jack Black. The comic book was never a comedy so why should the movie? That’s like turning the “Taming of the Shrew” into a Sci-Fi pic.

    There are already tons of parody movies. Turning Green Lantern into one would have been a mistake.

  • Phil

    The other version would have been “the mask” with green computer effects and Jack Black.

    “Whoa! I just made a giant plunger for a sight gag! And it’s okay that it looks CG as hell because it’s green space energy! All right!”

  • i love the green lantern, but I’d be for the comedy version, at least it would be something odd and different instead of the same old boring shit.

  • Ryan

    I wont be excited until I see what director is attached.

    If they did the comedy thing, it would completely ruin the Justice League movie. It probably would cash in well for Warner, but the fans would be pissed. I’m not a big GL fan (I only own three of the comics) but it would be a shame to have the movies stray to far.

    Smigel should just create his own superhero and go with that. Better yet, why not do an Ambiguously Gay Duo movie.

  • I am just burnt out on superheros…and ryan, good idea…smigel could probably construct a somewhat genius superhero flick if they gave him the money…also I believe him and colbert did write an Ambiguously Gay Duo movie.

  • or…even if he didnt create the sketch…smigel could make a live action GO LORDS MOVIE!!!


  • Green Lantern is probably my favorite JLA character (not that I particularly love any of them), so this sounds pretty good to me.

  • swarez

    The problem with DC is that their characters are so less well known that Marvel Characters. Plus they tend to look stupid and not be particularly cool. Green Arrow anyone?

  • I’m not a comics guy to begin with, so all of these green lantern/green hornet movie rumors have me a bit confused. It seems like they are having a real hard time getting a grip on what to do with these films. Could it be because, in the mainstream, these aren’t the biggest comic characters? I mean, neither of them have the mass appeal of a superman or spiderman, or even the hulk.

  • Swarez

    Yeah that’s basically it. None of these characters have household name status that many of the Marvel characters have.

    But you could also argue that Iron Man wasn’t a big character, which is sort of true I guess but what it had that Green Lantern, Aquaman or The Green Arrow don’t have is a kick ass looking outfit that translates fantastically to the screen plus the people behind the film were all great filmmakers.