Massive Fire Damages Universal Studios Backlot


Alright… who was smoking near the Backdraft exhibit? The world-famous Universal Studios backlot was ravaged by an intense fire yesterday, and firefighters were not able to bring it under control until some 12 hours later. Numerous sets and sound stages were damaged, including the courthouse square and clock tower from Back to the Future, the War of the Worlds plane crash scene, and the King Kong exhibit.

They are calling it “one of the longest-running commercial fires in Los Angeles County history”, and although the cause is still unknown, the reason for the duration of the fire is being blamed on water pressure problems. Fortunately no one was hurt, but this is still pretty insane. I can’t believe I was just there last month, and now some of these artifacts from movie history are gone for good!

  • What does ‘commercial fire’ mean?

  • I would assume it means within a commercial zone, as opposed to a residential one.

  • I think it means the fire was lit as an advertisement for something. Perhaps Diet Dr.Pepper.

  • Drink Diet Dr.Pepper, It destroys set pieces from all your favorite movies.

  • Who sponsored the Tsunami?

  • Ben

    Save the clock tower!

  • “Who sponsored the Tsunami?”

    Irish Spring.

  • Nice! I suppose Phantom Fireworks would have gotten in on the columbia exploding.

  • swarez

    I guess all those HD-DVD really did explode after Toshiba called it quits.

  • Ryan

    Someone updated the Back to the Future wikipedia entry that day. They must have cried.

  • Simply put: that really blows.