Beverly Hills Cop 4 No Longer Just a Rumour… Axel is Back!


Well surprise, surprise… after the success of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Paramount has realized that nostalgia equals big money and they are officially resurrecting another classic franchise from their vaults: Beverly Hills Cop! That’s right, Eddie Murphy is in talks to reprise his role as Axel Foley for the first time in 14 years. Brett Ratner is in negotations to direct. The movie will head into production in 2009, with an eye towards making it a tentpole release for summer 2010.

I’m not sure how I feel about this whole thing. Some of these old franchises died off because the movies were just going downhill in quality. Case in point: I don’t remember much about Beverly Hills Cop 3, but I’m pretty sure it bombed. Something tells me this could really turn out to be an embarrassment. Still, if there’s one person who needs this movie to help revitalize their career, it’s Eddie Murphy. The guy has been churning out a stream of crap lately that is nearly unparalleled. As for Brett Ratner possibly directing, people better cut him some slack this time around. The Rush Hour movies are his bread and butter, and that skill set should transfer perfectly to Beverly Hills Cop. I will admit it would have been nice to get someone like Tony Scott on board though (he directed part 2). What do you think… is Beverly Hills Cop 4 a good idea, or is Paramount just scraping the bottom of the sequel barrel here?

  • Beverly Hills Cop 3 is badass. It’s the one that takes place in the Wonder World amusement park. And, if you don’t blink, you can see George Lucas himself in a cameo when Axel is getting on a ride. Axel, running from the baddies, cuts in front of George and his wife who are in line for a ride. George yells “Hey!” to Axel. Years later, George Lucas was still pissed off for losing his space in line that he decided to ruin our childhood memories of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. It all makes sense now… it’s Eddie Murphy’s fault Indy 4 sucked (and the SW prequels).

  • Beverly Hills Cop is a whole different kind of franchise from Indy, Rocky, or Die Hard. Those were serious action films that are beloved, and while BHC may be popular its still totally different, I can’t see this being as succesful as any of those other films.

  • bryan…you a genius, seriously dude…that was hilarious.

  • I guess when George saw “DISAPPOINTED MAN – George Lucas” in the movie credits, it did not help the matter either.

  • swarez

    I couldn’t care less about Beverly Hills Cop. And why should anyone? I mean is there really anyone out there who counts BHC as their all time favorite film, that had a huge impact on their childhood or something? Those were mindless comedies that had nothing to offer other than Murphy doing his thing.
    If Murphy can do his harder edged comedy again in this one then I’m all for it. Brett Ratner does great action comedy so I’m hoping they will go old school Eddie with this one.

  • Beverly Hills Cop is one of those old franchises that I never caught up with. I’ve seen the second one, but really have no fond memories of it. What I’d like to see is another Nolte/Murphy team-up for Yet Another 48 Hrs. Eh? Eh?

  • heh. Rian, see similar post at Row Three, for the 48 hours sentiment.

    As for Eddie Murphy’s career — C’mon, you know you want to see “Golden Child 2: Succubi Baby”

  • Maybe this is what Muprhy needs to get ot of the shit family film industry and return to being relevant and funny.

    Besides, this is not some hallowed franchise tha may get ruined by a sequel. It’s perfectly positioned for a sequel. But it shuold be R Rated. And it will not be.

  • Sam

    I loved BHC when I was a child but im from Detroit so…