Brett Ratner to Direct God of War Movie?


Here’s a pretty hot scoop coming to you exclusively from Film Junk (sort of). There was an article yesterday on popular gaming site Joystiq that hinted that Brett Ratner was looking to get into making video game movies (which quite honestly, doesn’t really surprise me). This was based on a statement he made regarding his new marketing company Brett Ratner Brands, which has recently been helping video game companies get their products to appear in TV shows and music videos: “The games business is much more exciting than the movie business right now… I will be doing movies that come from videogames.”

Now, Advertising Age also has a longer write-up on his new branding consultancy business (which in itself is pretty amusing and definitely worth a read). However, at the tail end of the article, they drop this juicy little tidbit: “He also mentioned that he might be working on a movie adaptation of the video game God of War.”

Whoa… God of War is a huge game franchise and potentially very lucrative movie property. Would Sony really go and hand it over to The Rat? We all know that Ratner’s reputation precedes him on the internet, and something tells me they’d be provoking a lot of angry fanboys if they did this. Then again, Ratner’s still a cut above Uwe Boll and Paul W.S. Anderson, right? (And here I was hoping Ratner might be taking on the Tetris movie that Boll supposedly turned down.) What do you think… could Ratner pull off a God of War movie? Stay tuned for more details as they become available!

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