George Lucas Confirms That Shia LaBeouf is The Future of the Indiana Jones Franchise


We’ve been hearing rumours for a while now that there may be plans to carry on the Indiana Jones franchise beyond Harrison Ford, with Shia LaBeouf being the logical choice to star in future episodes. If you’ve seen Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, you’ll know that there’s a moment at the end of the film that briefly flirts with the notion while avoiding any solid indication one way or another. However, it sounds like Shia will definitely take over for Harrison Ford if George Lucas has anything to say about it.

He was recently quoted by Fox News (yes, that bastion of journalistic integrity) as having a swell idea for the next installment in the series:

“I haven’t even told Steven or Harrison this, but I have an idea to make Shia the lead character next time and have Harrison come back like Sean Connery did in the last movie. I can see it working out.”

I know a lot of people are very hostile towards this possibility, but I will admit that I don’t necessarily hate the idea. On the other hand, it seems like all Lucas does now is write movies that repeat events from his previous flicks, just transplanted to a different generation. What do you think… would you pay to see Mutt Williams and the Legend of the Swinging Monkeys?

On a related note, Lucas also responded to the mixed reviews for Indy 4: “This movie is the exact same experience as the other three were. The difference is, the novelty of discovery is gone. I get worried when I hear fans say they’re expecting something different that will change their lives. This is ‘Indiana Jones’ just as you remember him.” Thoughts?

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  • Swarez

    Yes this is pretty much Indy as we remember him because there is absolutely NOTHING new in the new film. They are just rehashing old set pieces, now with more spectacular CGI, instead of making an interesting story that requires Indy to do some investigating and have a good mythology, other than have Mutt point at a mummy and say “What’s this?, Ooh here’s the skull…great.”

  • Swarez

    But I think they have to change the name, I don’t know how cool Mutt Williams Jones and the hunt for the Red October is going to sound.

  • 1138

    Shia is an interesting actor but him carrying the Franchise? I don’t know…I’m skeptical of Lucas lately (Anyone remember the “The Phantom Mess?”) and granted I was one of the few that enjoyed Indy but it was not the original Indy! I just watched the original raiders and the tone and feel is not really the same! Granted it shouldn’t since Indy is older and entering the final chapters of his adventures!

    Come on Lucas continue the Indy adventures and bring Nathan Fillion in! He’s great and he would fit right with Indy from the get go! Please consider it! Granted I will never forget Harrison as Indy, like I will never forget Connery as Bond but Daniel Craig is a true worthy successor as Nathan Fillion would be! PLeassseee consider it!

  • gina

    i’d totally go see this, i loved Mutt in the movie! people need to realize that it’s MUTT no INDIANA! he’s not the NEW indiana jones, he is his own character! jeezh

  • Captain N

    I didn’t mind the character but I want to see an Indiana Jones movie, not an Indiana Jones JR flick. If Ford was able to do this one, I am sure he’ll be able to do a 5th film in the next couple of years.

  • The guy’s name is “mutt”?

  • billyjoe

    lucas is so fucked in the head…fuck him.

  • I didn’t like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but putting that fact aside, I don’t really think that the character of Mutt is cut out to continue this series. I really like Shia, and his character was one of the best parts of the film, but Indiana Jones he is not.

  • Liney

    Lucus is like the equivalent of an aging music star…once great, but now not only sh*t, but also unable to tell the difference between his new stuff and his old stuff. He’s like a cinematic Paul McCartney.

    Not only that, but he’s dragging Spielberg down to his level. I thought the new film would be cool due to the Spielberg factor, but I thought it was awful. We were told that CGI would be kept to a minimum…so what the f*ck were all those supposedly funny desert rodents!?

    All the action scenes were cranked up to 11 to make them more exciting (but like in most modern films, this had the opposite effect). The only twang of tension I felt was when they were at the edge of the cliff…when will film makers learn that the way to give a viseral thrill is to keep it real…just look at the Bourne films.

    Also, the one liners seemed way off: “Damn, I thought that was closer”…did we really need this explained with dialog!?

    Another childhood icon shat on. Well done Lucas.

  • Hey, Fox news is pretty balanced, can’t conservatives have one channel?

  • deadpaul

    How about Short Round and the Legend of the Swinging Monkeys?

  • so basically THE CRYSTAL SKULL exists only to establish the character of mutt and not revive the greatest screen hero ever…that’s why it sucks. got it.

  • Go back in time to when Indy was younger, like in the “Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” call the “Lost Years” or something…..just use a new actor to play Indy…Sean Patrick Flannery? Or go back to when Dr. Jones Sr. was a young man…Civil War, wild west, Victorian era settings? ……that would be the shiznit

  • judging from the “hat hint” at the end of the most recent Indiana Jones, it’s pretty obvious Shia LaBeouf will be the next Indy

  • I don’t know, I think they kind of leave it up in the air because Harrison Ford takes it back. But it’s certainly possible.

  • Beth

    I liked the movie and the new character, Mutt. I think he will make a fine next generation Indiana Jones. It would be nice to see one more Harrison Ford Indy movie to “pass the hat” onto young Indy.

  • Shia Binks

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? SHIA ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!!!! I have no idea why this guy is even in movies, he’s so arrogant and irritating. George Lucas you are an idiot for casting this guy, but you will be SATAN if you have the nerve to put this complete tool in the lead role. Shia is the anti-christ, even worse he’s JAR JAR BINKS!!!!!!

  • Shia Binks

    By the way, Shia ruined my childhood. Shia please die.

  • why is it when these loser shia haters even post
    that they hate him or watch movies that he’s in?

    its just stupid and pointless and pisses us shia
    fans right the fuck off!

    so leave him alone and complain to someone else
    alright cause your just wasting your time here.

    these haters suck more then the wmba.