Rupert Wainwright to Direct Waco Movie


Cults are always bad news, but they do make great subjects for movies, which is why I’m kind of looking forward to the recently announced movie Waco. As you can probably guess, the movie is based on the 1993 Waco Massacre, which started with an attempted raid on a compound near Waco, Texas that housed David Koresh and his followers, and ended 51 days later with the entire place going up in flames, killing 76 people. The subject was previously covered in the documentary Waco: The Rules of Engagement, and producer Mike McNulty is returning to co-produce this project as well.

The thing that has me worried, however, is the fact that Rupert Wainwright, director of Stigmata and The Fog, has signed on to direct. Those two previous films alone are enough to keep me away from just about anything else this guy might touch, even if the subject matter is compelling. It sounds like the production will be fairly small by Hollywood standards, with a budget of approximately $30 million. For the time being, I’m playing this one by ear. Who do you think should play David Koresh?

  • Matt

    Andy Dick. Or maybe Jon Heder.

  • Nemesis

    Oh no, not another propaganda movie about the token ‘crazy cult leader’.

    As Bill Hicks put it ‘whose gonna follow a messiah named vernon’

  • I don’t know, but 7 years ago I bought a vintage guitar. After I purchased it, I found out it was owned by Koresh. Still got it. True story. Who wants in my cult?

  • That’s pretty crazy… is this your guitar in this picture?

  • The Koresh story could possibly be a really incredible film. I just hope it’s done correctly, and doesn’t end up looking like cheap, straight-to-dvd type crap. The character of Koresh is the type of character that a sub-par actor would take way over the top, like most have done when playing Charles Manson.

  • That’s not the guitar, mine’s (or his – he’ll probably be back to claim it.) is a lot less flashy. As the story was told to me, he left it behind in San Francisco when he left for Waco. All I know is it always seems to pop a string or the strap falls off whenever I play it.

  • Kay

    It’s too bad that Heath Ledger is gone. I can see him playing Koresh. Does anyone know if they are going to film in Texas too?