Red Dawn Remake In The Works?


We heard a while back that MGM was planning a remake of Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop, but now it looks like they’ve got their eye on another 80’s flick that is ripe for a redo. The studio announced at Cannes this week that they were looking at producing a new version of the war movie Red Dawn. The original starred Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen in the midst of “World War III”, where communist forces from Russia and Cuba have invaded the U.S… and guess who saves capitalism from the red scare? A bunch of football jocks from a Colorado high school! Classic stuff!

I don’t remember how well this movie did when it first came out in 1984, but I think nowadays most people realize just how silly it is. Robocop at least remains relevant, but what makes this a story that needs to be adapted for a new generation? First of all, it would have to be Al Qaeda terrorists invading instead of Russians… which begs the question: how can they even call it Red Dawn anymore? I don’t get it. What do you think, is this all just crazy talk?

  • No, leave the original the way it is. This will be full of zionist type propoganda.

  • Cronenfly

    Oh wow… Another damn remake. Great…

  • This probably won’t happen. The film business is different now than it was in the 80’s. If this was remade, it would lose any message (however silly) it may have had– they’d probably get Paul Haggis to write it and make the American students who get invaded the bad guys.

  • Ahh sweet cheese. Roadhouse and Red Dawn are two of the most gloriously bad, but highly entertaining in a drunk crowd kinda flicks.

  • I hope they make it about commies still

  • Joe

    I really love Red Dawn, it would be cool if the remake was good but it probably won’t be… I’d still go see it though

  • Benji

    How the hell would they redo it, i mean it wouldnt make sense, i assume al quaeda would be the enemy, but they woudlnt invade in the traditional sense, it’d be stupid, Robocop sounds like a much better remake, although i really dislike remakes, cant anyone come up with anything original

  • Bob

    It would only make sense if…. A nuke goes off in a major city, then the Federal Government declares Martial Law, curfews, Gun confiscation, & starts censoring the news, and the American people are told that some Muslim country is behind it, when in fact, the current administration is. All in an attempt for the current administration to declare it’s supreme ruler, and merge the U.S. with Canada and Mexico. And instate a new currency. The whole thing.
    All resisters are to be executed. Soon after this happens, pockets of resistance pop up all around the nation. Then once the troops make it to their town, they are ready for them.

    “Give me Liberty or Give me death”!

    “Those who sacrifice Liberty for Security deserve neither!”

    “From my cold dead hands!”

  • US Army Sergeant

    I think it would be an awesome remake!

    I think movies like this are needed because so many people that live within these protected walls, they think that nothing bad can ever happen to them and that the world just holds hands and sings together. That’s just not reality, and it’s not outside the scope of reality that there are leaders that would do anything to topple our nation and take it over.

    Just because no one has tried to hurt you today, doesn’t mean there’s not numerous people outside our country that would do anything to kill you and your family because a book tells them to.


  • Henry

    Um, aren’t all y’all forgetting China? In 2015, the US economy is in ruins. The European Union has collapsed. Eastern Europe has returned to Communism under the Chinese model. Realizing that they have to fight America to retake Taiwan, radical members of the PLA decide to invade the US mainland to neutralize its military threat. Only Patrick Swayze has been cured of cancer because of stem cell therapy and Charlie Sheen has been fired from the 17th season of Two and Half Men so 2,500,000 Chinese troops backed with Serbian irregulars never have a chance.

  • Henry

    Oh, and US Army Sergeant, you should try going outside the perimeter without a rifle. It’s amazing how differently the natives treat you when you ring their doorbell instead of kicking the door in.