The X-Files: I Want To Believe Trailer


Here it is… the official trailer for the second X-Files feature film, The X-Files: I Want To Believe. This is definitely one of my most anticipated movies of the summer, although it’s difficult to say if these characters will still seem as compelling 6 years after the TV series wrapped up. Are Mulder and Scully still relevant?

The trailer opens with something that feels like a bit generic, hinting at a serial killer storyline with some sort of psychic trying to find a missing person (yes, that psychic is Billy Connolly). Gee, we’ve only seen that on like every single TV show that has come after The X-Files! However, once the music and the action started to build, I found my curiosity building as well.

The first X-Files movie was a bit confusing (partially because I wasn’t really watching the show on a regular basis back then), but I did appreciate the large scale production values they brought to it. If David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson can slip back into their roles without too much trouble, and if the story is a little more self-contained, then I think I’ll be more than pleased with this flick. What did you think of the trailer? The X-Files: I Want To Believe hits theatres on July 25th.

  • theman

    I came twice.

  • Is it me or does this trailer give us no idea of what the story is? Feels like they’re just capitalizing on people geeking out over hearing the theme song and seeing the actors together again. I want to see the movie, but this trailer did absolutely nothing to make me more intrigued or excited than I already was.

  • Chaz

    Yeah, this movie could have no plot other than Scully performing an autopsy and Mulder eating sunflower seeds, and I’d still go see it three times. Awesome.

  • This film has been in my top 3 most anticipated movies of the year since I found out it was being made. However, after having seen the trailer I’m left feeling disappointed. It really didn’t do anything for me at all. Still it is the X-Files so I’ll be there opening day. I’m sure they will pull it off.

  • for some reson that crazy old guy digging through the snow got me all pumped

  • I want to believe as well!

  • adam

    billy connolly. if its half as good as fight the future its still better then 98% of all movies ever made.

  • I want to belive as well!….well, guess what? After watching this turd get flushed down the the toilet, I seriously think the X-Files franchise has breathed its last breath. It dragged, seemed tired, but at the same time seemed promising. It crescendo’ed to the point where the villain was subliminally a pedophile priest (yes, that cliche) and for you to boo at…a modern frankenstein out in the frosty forests of Deadman’s Pass. Oh, and a lame side plot about Scully doing the “right thing” as a surgical doctor for sick kids. Who cares!?!

    The horror! What was the “I want to believe” mantra connected to in this movie again?