Star Wars: The Clone Wars Theatrical Trailer


The full theatrical trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars has arrived online over at Yahoo!. For those wondering how and why there would be yet another Star Wars movie on the way, here’s the deal: this is the feature-length pilot episode of the upcoming CGI series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is going to be released in theatres on August 15th. This is not to be confused with the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series of shorts directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, which aired on The Cartoon Network in between the release of Star Wars: Episode 2 and 3 (although it does take place during the same time period). Are you confused yet?

Personally I find it pretty hard to get excited about the Star Wars universe when it’s all just getting more and more diluted. This time period in particular seems pretty dull, and I don’t have much interest in anything that’s connected to the prequel trilogy. On the other hand, there are plenty of people out there who have read all the novels and just can’t wait to get their hands on anything Star Wars-related, so odds are this could do quite well in theatres. What do you think of the new trailer? Are you excited about Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

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  • Matt

    As a casual SW fan, I an say that this movie does look pretty exciting. The animation looks great, even though the style that the characters are drawn in makes it look like it is more aimed at kids. Still the Jabba the Hutt storyline seems interesting.

  • ShenEvil44

    (sigh) I really wish they wouldn’t make more Star Wars content. Personally, I consider anything that exists outside of the initial 6 movies that Lucas wrote/directed as irrelevant and NOT, repeat, NOT a part of the story. Although, I do like the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoons that Genndy Tartakovsky did. Plus, Lucas personally approved of these short animated cartoons so I guess I can consider them a part of the storyline too. This looks like it might be bad but Lucas wrote the script. I’m just REALLY turned off by the character designs.

  • I saw this trailer when I went to see Speed Racer last Friday, and all I kept thinking as I watched it on the big screen was that it doesn’t look like it deserves to be in theaters. The animation doesn’t look feature film-worthy to me. Then again, it just looks boring to me. I grew up loving the original Star Wars trilogy and I’m sick to death of all the clone wars and young Obi-Wan shit. If I’m gonna pay to see more Star Wars, I’d rather see more of Han, Luke, and Leia, personally.

  • Yecch, this looks like a trailer for the star wars lego video games

  • ShenEvil44

    Personally, I have nothing against Episodes I,II, and III. Even though there are some inconsistencies with IV, V, and VI, I think all 6 films work pretty well if you watch them in chronological order as a whole. The story DOES get better with each passing episode.

  • I’m excited for the animated TV series and I suppose in extension excited about seeing this in the theater.

  • I offered to work on this, but didn’t hear back from them, too bad, but I’m still trying to figure out the connection between this and the cartoons from a couple of years ago, but I agree that if they were going to do another film, it should be of another segment that wasn’t made into a film yet, i.e. between episodes 1&2, 4&5, but if they do between 5&6, which is shadows of the empire, I’d appreciate a live action version