Tom Cruise Makes Up with Paramount, Looks to Develop Mission: Impossible 4?


It’s been a few years since Tom Cruise went nuts on Oprah, had a baby with Katie Holmes, and saw his popularity take a major nosedive, but even now he’s still trying to repair the damage done to his name. He got himself a new publicist, and in case you missed it he was on Oprah again last week (although I don’t know why anyone would miss an episode of Oprah) and he was downplaying just about everything that happened. Now comes a rumour that he’s trying to get another Mission: Impossible movie kickstarted over at Paramount. Should we be surprised?

We all know that Lions for Lambs pretty much bombed, and there is talk that his performance in Bryan Singer’s Valkyrie is laughably bad and one of the reasons why it got delayed until next year. On the other hand, Mission: Impossible 3 still did okay (heck, better than okay, it made $397 million worldwide) and it seems like one of the only reliable things Tom Cruise can count on right now. This also means he has supposedly made amends with Paramount after they parted ways a couple years ago (I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the ones that requested he appear on Oprah again to clear the air). The question is, would anyone even care to see an M:I4? I imagine they would have to load it up with more up and coming talent again, and something tells me J.J. Abrams has better things to do. What do you say about another Mission: Impossible flick… yay or nay?

  • Trevor

    Since they made the hero of the tv series, Jim Phelps, a villain in the first movie for absolutely no good reason at all, I was so disgusted I haven’t watched any of the sequels. Nor do I care if they make another.

  • Itchy-Finger

    I’d want to see it if it was more deeply rooted in the first MI. The best one in my opinion.

  • On a related note, you can check out his awesome new website here:

  • joe

    MI:3 was great, so I’m up for it.

  • I don’t feel like Cruise is necessary for a new Mission Impossible movie, but I’d like to see him in it. I’ll see a new M:I movie either way though, so long as it doesn’t look like garbage.

  • Juppi

    Absolutely, god for MI:4. Bring in a hungry new director and go with it…

  • I have lost it for Tom Cruise. He is now in a panic because his reputation has become so tarnished that it may be unable to be salvaged at this point. The main thing causing him the trouble is is association at the highest level with Scientology. A lot has come out about that cult, and it has made him unable to be accessed by the public. Let’s not forget, he believes that when one attains a certain level of “clear” in scientology, they are no longer a homo-sapien, but a homo-novis. So he believes he is literally better than almost anyone in the world. All I have to say is get real.

  • AdamR

    MI3 was terrible, I don’t care what any of you say. Other than Phillip Seymore Hoffman, who’s always amazing, the only entertaining part was watching Kerri Russel’s brain explode. Those lopsided eyes were hilarious, but what was even better was watching pretty boy, space alien worshiping Cruise attempt dramatic acting. Sorry Tom, I just don’t take you seriously anymore. Feel free to cling to former glory by making another crappy sequel to a series that hasn’t been good since the first installment. But you won’t be getting my $11.

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