Amazing Music Video: Justice – ‘Stress’

You must check this out. ‘Stress’ is the latest single from Justice. A pounding, Daft Punk-esque instrumental accompanied by some pretty aggressive visuals that are ripe for controversy. Director Romain-Gavras follows a gang of thugs sporting Justice bomber jackets as they terrorize a city, one person at a time. The visuals are insanely visceral, and the brutality gives Funny Games a run for its money. Especially great is the decision to include the audio, mostly clipping and distorting throughout the video. The realism is disturbing at times, yet the cinematography is simply stunning. Check it out and leave your comments.

justice stress (official video)
Uploaded by 75_prod

  • Mike Marshall

    Awesome! Reminds me of Paul Greengrass, as well as the short film Dad’s Dead, which can be found on the Sunshine DVD. Also, I would like to add that if any of those little bastards broke my guitar, I would beat them down so bad!!!

  • Ian

    Cool. Thanks for passing along these music video links Jay. I also enjoyed the Spike Jonze Kanye West one.

  • No problemo. I’m always keeping my eye out for cool new music videos. If you’re digging it, I’ll post them as I see them.

  • joe


  • Reed Farrington

    It’s so refreshing to see black and white people coming together for a common cause. I wish Bruce Lee was alive to whup those motha f*ckas’ asses.

    I loved the ending because I was thinking while I was watching that the punks should kick the crap out of the cameraperson’s ass at the end. Things never usually end the way I imagine.

    Those jackets are gay, though, fellas.

  • Matt

    If Reed Farrington had one of those jackets, he wouldn’t be gay.

    Just kidding Gerr…uh…Reed.

    I saw this over at Get Weird Turn Pro a while ago. Amazing indeed! And the first Justice song I like without it being a remix.
    Some of this, possibly all of it was filmed in Paris, I recognized a number of the locations.

  • fizzle

    i liked how real it all felt, and the bar scene was wicked…except for one guy who looked like he didn’t know what to break

  • fizzle

    actually it was the slap, everybody found something to smash

  • If those guys acted like that in any US city they would have been pulverised by gunfire in a matter of seconds.

  • Louis

    “If those guys acted like that in any US city they would have been pulverised by gunfire in a matter of seconds.”
    Are you stupid or what? That is not the point at all! Can’t you see through this video? Or do you need people to analyse it for you? It’s an allegory on violence and is not about “those kids should get punished, and if they were in the US people would blow them off cause Americans are so strong!” It happens to take place in Paris, France, where to possess a gun is illegal. If it had been in the US, They’d have had guns!

  • «If it had been in the US, They’d have had guns!»

    exactly what I thought, the first thing that came to my mind when I watched this, was how happy I was that those feckers didnt have guns and stuff …

    it totally stressed me out the first time I watched it ;) dunno if it’s been censored though, haven’t seen it on tv yet …

  • I guess you took what I said literally and seriously. I am very stupid, but I would rather be a stupid American than a smart Frenchman.

  • Reed Farrington

    It’s good to know that the French have such law abiding gangs.

    I’d rather be an average Canadian. Henrik would probably like to be a Great Dane. (Sorry, Henrik, I couldn’t resist. Oh, in case there’s a cultural reference you’re missing, a Great Dane is a dog. They’re large and powerful.)

  • Louis

    To lorddungbeetle.
    Sorry, I actually took what you had wrote literally. I just thought it was first degree as we say in French (only we say it in French…).
    So it was irony! I like that! I did not know Americans had the ability to use it!….I’m kidding of course… just being the regular pretentious froggy.

  • Riggee

    “It happens to take place in Paris, France, where to possess a gun is illegal. If it had been in the US, They’d have had guns!”

    … I don’t think they were the least bit worried about what was and wasn’t legal.

  • mitch

    «If it had been in the US, They’d have had guns!»

    Yeah not only would the gang have guns but the cops, and law abidding citizens would as well which would make this whole situation less likely. The chance that a shootout could occur provokes more fear than getting hit with a metal rod. Thus this situation wouldn’t happen or if it did it wouldn’t last long. So many ppl say making a law against guns is great but it leaves the ppl defenseless. and if u think that a law against guns will keep them out of criminals hands it wont. criminals don’t follow rules they break them.

  • Dave

    This video is disturbing, which is what good art does. It gives no context for the kids’ actions, it is just foundationally violent. I think this video is not trying to explore the why of violence, but its presentation by the media. The music fits perfectly, it is aggressive and frenetic, so you don’t really think, you just experience the violence. It also helps that the cinematography is fantastic.

  • ann

    Nice post, keep up the good work!

  • NPJ

    yep, guns are the reasons why America has absolutely no gang violence

    ever heard of gangs of youths shooting people or eachother in america? didnt think so!

  • rick

    Louis I think your a little hard on Lord dungbeetle (with a post name like that it’s hard to stand up for your intelligence…just sayin) but all he was doing was making a comment. a statement. Which in a way I believe goes to the heart of the matter of the film and the point it’s getting across. Which in my mind (and my own opinion) that guns maybe used for great evil, but that is the bottom three percent of gun owners. That the majority of people (at least in america…i’m not french so i can not say in good conscience comment on you) use them for pass time (hunting and shooting) and protection of family.

    as far as the right to bare arms goes, why would you take guns away from people who use them as they should be? If you make guns illegal do you really think the “bad guy’s” are going to care? are going to go “oops thier illegal, lets get rid of em boy’s?” absolutely not. If anything give more people access to concealed carry permits. one robber, 25 patrons with guns. I like those odds. how can you support a government that is so paranoid of it’s people that it does not even trust them to have guns?

  • Ace

    Guys, criminals don’t get their guns legally. No matter where you go, gangs have guns. No matter if it’s in the U.S,Canada or France, criminals get their guns in the streets not in the local gun shop. It might be easier to get one in the States, but gangs do have guns in France. It’s just a matter of having the money to buy one.

  • Filip

    “how can you support a government that is so paranoid of it’s people that it does not even trust them to have guns?”

    where im from we dont have guns.. why would we??
    people would be even more scared, than they already are. why compromise that?
    i know people kill people.. but with guns its just a little easier.. a good old fist fight rarely leave a dead victim.. but when you use guns!!

    i know that in the states i legal, and its you rights.. but the rest of the world looks down on you with pity, sorry but its true.. where im from we say “if you need to have a gun, you are compensating for something..”

    dude out