Film Junk Podcast Episode #166: Iron Man and Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead


0:00-14:07 – Intro / In-House Stuff / Why We Were Away
14:07-49:30 – Junk Mail
49:30-1:15:30 – Stuff We Watched This Week: Smart People, Young @ Heart, Son of Rambow, Baby Mama, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Second Skin, The English Surgeon, Man on Wire, Stranded…, The Rise and Fall of the Grumpy Burger, Wolf Creek
1:15:30-1:35:30 – Review: Iron Man
1:35:30-1:44:10 – Review: Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
1:44:10-1:45:30 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:45:30-1:48:50 – Outro

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  • swarez

    Good to have you back guys. Good show as ever.

    Iron Man was a solid popcorn flick that handled the material well even though there was nothing overtly original about it.
    And Sean, how could you not know that Bridges was the bad guy? It was clear in the trailers and they have him looking like some bad ass brooding motherfucker on the poster.

    The problem with Speed Racer and why I think this movie will bomb is because the trailer looks like it was cut together from Star Wars out takes and episodes of Guiding Light. This highly melodramatic acting coupled with epileptic inducing CGI looks horrible and gives you know idea how the film will be.
    I also think it will bomb because people don’t give a shit about Speed Racer and people don’t give a shit anymore about The Wachowskis. They’ve been away far too long.

    Aannd. The Golden Cumpiss. Fucking genius.

  • Yeah I don’t know… I guess I just didn’t pay enough attention to the trailers. I had even forgot Jeff Bridges was in it until I was sitting there watching him on screen.

  • I wanted to clear up the confusion about Blockbuster rentals being cut and uncut. Basically the ones you find in the store are the rated r version of the movie. Sometimes you will find unrated version of movies if they dont have questionable material. The true unrated or uncut versions of the movies are available through Blockbuster online. In the case of the movie Inside you were talking about last show, the version at Blockbuster is the tamer rated R version of the movie. The full uncut version with all the gore and the 7 extra minutes are available for rental from the website.

  • Thanks for the info Mits. It’s nice to know that at least you can rent the unrated version online if you really want it.

  • “I also think it will bomb because people don’t give a shit about Speed Racer”

    The same could of been said about iron man a couple weeks ago but it still pulled in 100 million over the weekend. I still don’t think speed racer will pull in 100 mil but i wouldn’t say its going to bomb, after all its a PG rated family movie.

  • Goon

    I encourage Jay to stick it out a little more with the Wire. I had the same impression walking in, watching the first episode and sayings “…uh, thats it?”

    Each season of the Wire is like a 13 hour movie, which we say a lot about a lot of TV shows but is especially true here. I dont think of most episodes even as chapters with proper breaks, its simply what happens next, over and over…

    So like many movies, each Wire episode can go for a couple episodes like many films, where you’re paying attention but you know its really introducing things and concepts and it will pick up and become more gripping later… I rented all the Wire seasons. I rented disc 1, and never returned to it for months becuase I had been unimpressed with the start… by the end of disc 2 i had to see it through.

  • rot

    I (agree?) with Goon. The Wire is worth sticking with. Although I have to say I never saw disc one of season one because it was damaged from where I rented it from, so I cannot attest to how representative it may be to the show. My recollection of season 1 is that it builds slowly to a pretty good finale. I stopped watching the show for a while after that and then watched 2, 3, 4, 5, virtually back to back and those are the ones that really stick in my mind, particularly seasons 3 and 4.

    as for it being docudrama, some of the actors are street kids, some of the characters both cops and dealers are based on real people, and some events are likewise based on reality… but it is when the show fragments into thirty threads and never lets up and never succumbs to a formula (main characters disappear for seasons, seasons begin in mid-investigation with no prep). United 93 seems like a good comparison to what is being told in The Wire, likewise in Bloody Sunday… and this should not be confused with camera techniques but how stories are intercut and how there is such a sense of the system failing not out of some evil agenda but carelessness. By the end of the final season I truly felt like I knew Baltimore, that it was more than a show but a real place (seasons dedicated to certain areas of the city).

    Obama may have been pandering when he said The Wire was his favorite TV show but I hope not, because a man soon to be president of the US having the capacity to acknowledge the genius of this show makes me feel safe.

  • paulm

    Itunes cut off episode 166 at 28:59. Does anyone know how to re-download through Itunes? In the iTunes store show 166 isn’t there. I know I could download it direct, but I was wondering what the trick it to re-download it through Itunes. This has happened with other shows I listen to, and I’d like to learn how to fix it. Thanks.

  • Hey Paul, you can always click on the direct download link in the post above and then drag the MP3 into iTunes manually. I’m not sure why it would cut off but I have had the same problem when downloading other podcasts in iTunes and I think it just has to do with server load.

    You could also try deleting the file and in iTunes and then clicking to download it again.

  • paulm

    Thanks Sean. Show 166 has shown up in the iTunes store, so I’ve just clicked “get episode.” The problem I have with direct download, then dragging it into iTunes, is that it treats it like a song. I still don’t know enough about iTunes to get it to see it as a podcast that way. It just finished downloading. Thanks again.

  • re: Rainn Wilson. He is kind of funny – despite how annoying he is in Juno. I like him in the office (though I like Gareth in the BBC version better). And the movie “My Super Ex-Girlfriend isn’t that great, but he’s got one of the best lines of the year (2005) when asking Luke Wilson about his sexual exploits:

    “You’ve invaded the female nation and spread your democracy.” lol

  • Andrew: I think Rainn Wilson is great on The Office, but I do question whether he can do much more beyond that character. Then again, Will Ferrell has been playing essentially the same character for years and I haven’t grown tired of it.

    Paul: I think I may have found a way to edit the MP3 files that I create for our podcast so that they will show up as podcasts in iTunes just by dragging them in there. I’ll let you know if this pans out.