Frank Miller’s The Spirit Teaser Trailer

When Frank Miller moved from co-directing Sin City with Robert Rodriguez to helming his own first film, an adaptation of Will Eisner’s The Spirit, there were some people who had doubts about whether or not he could pull it off (myself included). Don’t get me wrong, the man is obviously a brilliant writer and artist, but those skills don’t necessarily translate to directing a major motion picture — especially when the source material is not your own. And yet, the first teaser trailer for The Spirit certainly looks every bit as breathtaking as Sin City did. If anything, it actually takes the stylization a step further. It may not reveal much about the story or showcase anyone other than the main character (played by Gabriel Macht), but it’s hard not to be excited about what’s been hinted at here. I think it’s pretty obvious that from here on in Frank Miller will have cornered the market on noir adaptations of graphic novels. The only thing that sucks is that The Spirit doesn’t hit theatres until January 16th, 2009! Check out the teaser trailer below and let us know what you think.

  • “the man is obviously a brilliant writer and artist”

    I disagree. I think this movie looks pretty good, but the voice-over is like somebody doing a Frank Miller-impression/parody. “” ? Give me a fucking break.

  • Well, if anything, I think you should be allowed to parody yourself…

  • “it’s hard not to be excited about what’s been hinted at here”

    I disagree. I’ve honestly only read a few of The Spirit comics, but was initially very interested in a film adaptation when I first heard about it. This trailer just looks like Sin City 2. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for another Sin City film, but The Spirit is not Sin City. It is somewhat impressive that Frank Miller is seemingly handling this project so well for a first time director (since I can’t imagine that he was in charge of a whole hell of a lot on Sin City), but at the same time I can’t help but feel that the one and only reason that the movie looks like it does is because Miller hung around the set of Robert Rodriguez’s film. Seriously, why did Miller decide to make The Spirit in this style other than that’s all he’s familiar with? I can’t think of another reason. Sure, the red tie is a recognizable symbol of the the character, but in my mind the blue suit is just as important as the red tie to identify The Spirit, and it seems that Miller is losing that aspect of the character just so he can make another stylish noir film. I dunno. This movie could be great or it could suck, I’m willing to accept either possibility, but however it turns out, the fact that Miller is making the film in this style turns me off. It made complete sense for Sin City since the comics are black and white with bits of color, but that visual style is just not synonymous with The Spirit in my mind.

  • Swarez

    While I’ve only read a couple of Spirit stories I can’t really say that I remember a whole lot of them. But I find it weird that Miller is going this route visually because the only thing this film screams at the moment is Sin City. And I don’t remember The Spirit being this rooftop running acrobat that he is portrait in the trailer. Last time I checked the stories where full of humor and were a parody of the noir genre in some way.

  • Nuno

    I gotta say, by the look of the teaser, Miller is taking the Spirit in a horrible direction. It doesn’t just scream, “Sin City”, it reeks of it. As someone who really enjoys the Spirit stories, I’m disappointed. I’m afraid Miller’s huge ego will result in self-indulgent turd of a movie but I hope I’m wrong.