• Transformers is gonna look like “Citizen Kane” next to this 100 pound turd…..I’m basing that on the costumes alone. Can’t we learn from Street Fighter? Why not hire the members of Gwar to be in the film?

  • Some of these look pretty good, but some not so much. I like the look of Snake Eyes, but Duke and Ripcord look a bit too plain and similar to me. I mean, if all of the characters were going to dress in that padded black material, that’d be one thing, but if they aren’t all going to, I’d prefer to see their outfits varied a bit more. Also, Storm Shadow looks a bit too metro-sexual to me. He looks like Snake Eyes would whoop his ass with one blow.

  • Itchy-Finger

    These costumes do look a bit silly in the photo shoot light. Hopefully the movie will do well at blending in the costumes with real world surroundings, probably not though, it’ll probably be like watching Darkon 2.

  • Holy shit that is embarassing (finely crafted costumes, just lame-ass overproduced metal-and-rubber for a film). Where the hell is Pitof when you need him?

    What was wrong with using realistic-type materials and designs?

    Wasn’t interested in this originally, but now methinks I’m going to enjoy the schadenfreude as this baby stinks up the multiplex.

    On a semi-related note, Steven Sommers manages to dumb down even BLOCKBUSTERS, oi.

  • I missed this. Stephen Sommers is good though, The Mummy Returns is great entertainment and eye-candy, and so is Deep Rising. He is somebody that I would argue delivers good mindless entertainment, definitely better than Michael Bay does it. Michael Bay is the highest profile mindless guy out there, but that doesn’t mean he is the benchmark! Stephen Sommers is way higher on the entertaining-idiot scale.

  • Rusty James

    You know Pitof would’ve been a great choice for this movie, but especially Transformers. Kudos Kurt.

  • wow what a terrible tragedy this film will be. I have been a GI JOE nut since I was 3 years old, and now they’ve cast the kid from Angels in the Outfield to play Cobra Commander. WTF