Short Circuit Remake Is Actually Happening


A while back there were some crazy rumours floating around about a possible Short Circuit remake. At the time, it seemed like it might have been related to the similarity between Johnny 5 and the main character of Pixar’s Wall-E, but it seemed a little too ridiculous to believe. Well, believe it friends, because it looks like it is happening after all.

Variety reports that Bob Weinstein and Dimension Films have picked up the rights to the remake and hired original writers Brent Maddock and S.S. Wilson to pen a new script. They are planning to make it “similar in theme to the original, but it will factor in advances in technology”. Someone get Steve Guttenberg on the blower ASAP! I will admit that the nostalgic value of the original makes me a little bit curious, but come on… a Short Circuit remake? What is this world coming to?

  • Los locos kick your ass. Los locos kick your face. Los locos kick your balls INTO OUTER SPACE!

    First Robocop, and Transformers, now Johnny Five…can’t the young-ins come up with their own generation of robotic heroes?

  • bickle

    They should get Aziz from Human Giant to play Ben.

  • Before anyone else says it, WALL-E. ;)

  • ooops, it was in the text of the article. Doh.

  • bickle, that is actually a perfect choice…however Fisher Stevens could probably pull it off once more, he looks pretty young.

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  • I dunno…I’ll watch it. I’m not looking forward to it, but I’ll watch it.

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  • peter

    the irony here is Disney will sue Dimension Films for copying the “wall-e” robot design….

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  • Rob

    Hmm. Why oh why another remake? If you are going to make a remake then remake a poor film not one that is great as it is. The original didn’t have much of a story, but they way in which it was directed and cast was magic. Why a remake? Let me guess, it is easier to remake it, sell the idea to the unknowing kiddies and bring out lots of robot merchandise. MONEY, quick easy money. You know what though, it will work. We’ll all take the kids to watch it even though we know that it will not be as good as the original.
    Why not make a sequel? There is no end to the possibilities. I got an idea, how about making it a little darker. NOVA tries to recreate the electrical storm and makes a rampaging robot that johnny has to stop. We all love it when robots get mashed up.
    Then they can make money on re-showing the original two movies in…..dare I say it, 3D or something.

  • Rob

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I came across a website where a few blokes are rebuilding a Johnny five for real in their shed. They have a website called “input inc” or something like that. They got lots of videos of their work too.