Dark City Director’s Cut to Get Limited Theatrical Release?


It was way back in 2005 when we heard the first rumblings of a new Director’s Cut of Dark City, and now, two and a half years later, we’re still waiting. However, in a recent interview with David Goyer (who co-wrote the screenplay for Dark City), he reveals that the new version of the film is almost ready for primetime. He also says that it will likely be getting re-released theatrically (albeit in a limited capacity).

“It’s coming out fairly soon [and will] probably have limited theatrical, but I’m not sure… I have seen almost all of it and I took part in an over hour long making-of. [They re-did] the score and [made] the cuts a little longer.” In addition to the new special effects that have been added, there will also be some “lengthy interviews” with Goyer, director Alex Proyas, and others involved.

I’m pretty stoked about seeing this movie on the big screen again, but I’m even more happy that others who missed it the first time around will get a second chance to experience it (I don’t think it was in theatres for very long). Even though extended cuts, director’s cuts and other re-releases sometimes seem like a cash grab, I love the fact that studios are embracing the possibility of theatrical re-releases now as well (like they did with Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and Alien, for example). Are you interested in seeing the Dark City director’s cut in a theatre?

  • I’m very interested.

  • Oh I hope so. I’d love to see this on the big screen!

  • I am very interested. I loved this film– and would like to see it get more recognition, because I think it was kind of pushed aside after the release of films like “The Matrix.” I remember that I saw “Dark City” the day it came out in theaters with my friends when we were like 14. We had tried to see another film that was sold out, and saw this instead. They all hated it–a bunch of dunces.

    Anyway– Will this new edition get a Blu-Ray release? The original DVD release is not so good.

  • I didn’t catch this until DVD, so I’ll definitely be making an attempt to see this if/when it makes it to theaters.

  • I watched this in a totally random fashion and liked it enough for it to stand out. I really think this is one of those overlooked films of the 90’s.

  • I was a bit disappointed by the movie. I had so many people say that it was excellent that I was expecting something more. It was a good movie though, I guess I was expecting too much.

  • Ah, but so many people were right! Dark City is a stellar film! I’d love to see it in the theater just one more time.

  • Uwe

    Absolutely,when I first saw the movie it blew my mind how well it was done and kept the pace in an unpredictable way.
    The atmosphere came through very well for a dark story
    like this.
    I just hope with the theatrical the resolution improves
    a bit too to go with my HDTV :)