Film Junk Podcast Episode #162: 21


0:00-03:40 – Intro
03:40-09:15 – In-house Stuff: Film Junk Podcast Survey, More Jay Singing
09:15-38:05 – Headlines: Fanboys Protest Bombs, Luxury Theatre Chains, Bruno Movie Update, Children of Men TV Show
38:05-57:45 – Junk Mail
57:45-1:22:10 – Stuff We Watched This Week: 21, Over The Top, The First Year, The Horror of Dracula, David Blaine: Fearless (Tangent on Magic!), The Mist, Over The Edge, Dan in Real Life, The War Room, Once
1:22:10-1:30:55 – Top 5 Gambling Movies
1:30:55-1:35:10 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:35:10-1:38:45 – Outro

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  • I’m really glad you liked The Mist upon watching it under better circumstances, Jay. I was 100% delighted with it when I saw it in the theater and loved lit just as much after watching it again on DVD this weekend. I know that it didn’t get rave reviews when it was in theaters, and I’m hoping that it eventually gets the respect that (I think) it deserves some day. I’ve read some opinions online that it will end up getting recognized later on in the same way that Carpenter’s The Thing has in recent years, which I definitely think it has the potential to do.

    Speaking of John Carpenter, as anyone who has seen The Mist knows, Drew Struzan’s movie poster for The Thing is in the background of the opening scene, but if you pay attention during one of the featurettes on disc 2 of the special edition of The Mist you can catch a model/reproduction of the Norris Head monster on a desk in the foreground at one point.

  • Not only does The Thing have a cooler setting, more creepy actors and a way better score – the monster in The Thing are absolutely nightmarish and unlike anything anybody has ever seen. The monsters in The Mist are flies and spiders, and then some big praying mantis that you don’t even get to see. And the monsters are outside, not exactly the best scenario for creating an intense drama inside a room.

  • adam

    im 24 actually, i did look it up before i watched it, so i wouldn’t have watched it if i wasn’t interested. Another movie you suggested “All the Real Girls”, i liked. “The Mist” is a 4/5 for me too, the ending was quite special. My top 5 gambling movies would be Rounders,Snatch,Lock Stock,The Color of Money,Owning Mahowny. Great episode guys.

  • The ending of this show made me nearly fall off my chair.

  • Greg

    It really is worth listen to the Magnum P.I. theme music through the end of the show.

  • Itchy-Finger

    Being from Georgia, we have a lot of Regal theaters around where I live, and I have to say that they are excellent theaters. I have always enjoyed the movie experience and never really complained about the prices, being that I worked in a theater for some time, so I understand why they run things the way they do. My only problem with theaters is the same problem you fellows ran into during The Myst (fucking awesome movie too) is people being disrespectful to everyone else in the theater. And I think this plays a large part to why people don’t enjoy the theater experience as much. Which is why my wife and I go on or before noon on the weekends. If think there needs to be more of a push to start watching the theaters and start kicking these people out with no refund.

  • Itchy-Finger

    I forgot to add.

    Great job Greg, on not breathing into the microphone in today’s episode.

  • Greg

    Fuck it…now I’m deliberatly going to exhale into it from now on.

  • Was Jay trying to impersonate you after the theme, Greg? (or will it be clear to me once I’ve listended to the podcast?

  • Can you put a copy of Jay’s song “I Can Dream” on iTunes so i can download it onto my IPod?

  • Henrik: “Not only does The Thing have a cooler setting, more creepy actors and a way better score – the monster in The Thing are absolutely nightmarish and unlike anything anybody has ever seen.”

    I agree with every one of those statements.

    Henrik: “The monsters in The Mist are flies and spiders, and then some big praying mantis that you don’t even get to see.”

    I also agree with every one of those statements.

    Henrik: “And the monsters are outside, not exactly the best scenario for creating an intense drama inside a room.”

    This, I do not agree with. Did you even see The Mist, Henrik? Most of the drama was caused by the people in the store, not the creatures outside.

  • Yeah I can honestly say that I didn’t feel any drama coming from the characters. The acting was above-average, I liked Toby Jones and Thomas Janes neighbour and WIlliam Sadler alot, and Marcia Gay Harden is amazing, but I can’t say I was ever interested in anything that they were saying, since it was so predictable. I was only interested when there were monsters on screen, and they weren’t that cool, unfortunately.

  • Itchy-Finger

    I thoroughly enjoyed the part with the young lost lovers who rekindled old feelings before the army. And then the next scene the girl dies. haha. There isn’t a single strand of hope in the film, how depressingly awesome was that?

  • I have to wholeheartedly disagree with you Henrik. As a simple difference of opinion, while the monsters in The Mist were no “dog creature” or “mutated Norris” from The Thing, I thought they were quite interesting and well designed. I feel this way even more having seen the special features with designer and all around incredible horror artist Bernie Wrightson.

  • Come on Rian… Spiders? How many fucking times have we seen spiders? When they came out (I think that the MP and what happens to him was fucking awesome though, and creepy) I was immediately having flashbacks to Matt LeBlanc shooting CGI spiders in Lost in Space. Seriously… You’re giving me spiders? No dice.

  • What’s wrong with spiders? I love a good previously unimaginable creature like the Alien or the creatures in The Thing, but if nothing else, the spiders, birds, and other creatures reminiscent of real-life animals made sense in The Mist. As we are led to believe that the creatures in The Mist came from another reality, in the special features on the 2-Disc DVD, the designers talked about how they wanted to go with designs based upon real animals because they were just supposed to be animals from another dimension. Take for example the bird creatures. They didn’t come to Earth just to make life shitty for some people in a store, they were chasing around bugs and trying to eat them. They weren’t supposed to be unfathomable beasts, but instead variations on what we have in our world.

    I, for one, have never seen a spider that large before (though the Camel Spider is pretty close), and I’ve certainly never seen one with a mouth full of human-like teeth or webs that can burn your flesh off. If I saw that thing in real life it would scare the shit right out of me, so I had no trouble believing that anyone in the film felt threatened by them, and as long as they’re frightening, I could care less what animal they resemble. Then, of course, there were the tentacles. Yeah, I’ve seen a tentacle before, but not one like those in The Mist. When that thing opened up and all the little mouths were chomping I was blown away and delighted by the designs. They didn’t have to create something entirely new because they altered the things I’m used to seeing enough that they were unpredictable and frightening.

    If you’ve got a problem with monsters in films too closely resembling real creatures, how can you enjoy Alien, Predator, or any other film with a guy in a suit since they resemble humans? The Alien has that second inner jaw which was a concept snagged from a type of insect, and there are certainly animals in the real world with mandibles similar to the Predator’s. Tremors must be unacceptable because they look like worms, and the monster in The Host is a mutated fish. Face huggers look sort of like spiders with tails, and even The Blob is just like a big amoeba. The Thing, a monster which I love from a movie that I love even more, is perhaps the only creature from a film that I can think of which doesn’t really have ties to anything living that I know of, so is that the only movie monster you like?

    Sorry if I’m coming off like a dick, but I just can’t understand your argument that the design of the creatures in The Mist aren’t “cool” because they resemble real-life animals.

  • The difference is that The Mist is a new release. Haven’t we progressed at all from Alien? Obviously we have. A spider is probably the least creative monster you can come up with, it’s just playing on a popular phobia for a cheap scare. Where is the creativity? Sure you can rationalize all you want, but if you’re going to have monsters in your movie, fucking make them something that hasn’t been done before.

    I enjoy Predator not so much for the look of the monster, but the abilities. It’s kind of a biomechanical monster. And it has Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Alien was original enough for me, even if it was bipedal.

    To say that you can’t be creative with monsters because they’re ‘only from another dimension’ is a massive cop-out and after-rationalization.

    One thing that makes me enjoy the new star wars movies is the immense creativity involved with creating all of the different worlds and monsters in them. They aren’t close to the mindfuck of a beast that is in The Thing, but hey, that’s one of the major reasons why The Thing is such an awesome movie.

    Bottom line: If you want to make a monster, get creative. Otherwise, don’t have them in there, just have some malicious spiders that have grown large. They are just as scary.

  • And the tentacles actually looked pretty damn similar to the ass-eaters in Dreamcatcher. I guess Stephen Kings stories must read similarly (shocking).

  • Because the mouth on the ass lizards opened vertically the same way as the spines on the tentacle? You’re really stretching it now, my friend.

  • That isn’t a major complaint, I just thought it was an amusing tidbit.