Ben Affleck Punk’d by Sacha Baron Cohen?


After laying low for a while and letting all the overexposure from Borat die down, it looks like Sacha Baron Cohen is finally getting back into the swing of things with production on his next movie, Bruno. He was recently spotted at various locations in Kansas making people uncomfortable as his flamboyant Austrian fashion reporter alter-ego. But that’s not all… word on the street is that Sacha Baron Cohen may have actually scored a sit down interview for the movie with an unsuspecting Ben Affleck.

According to Mike Walker of the National Enquirer (who called The Howard Stern Show to offer up this scoop), a confused Affleck recently called up his newfound pal Sarah Silverman to tell her about a weird interview he’d just had with a famous gay fashion journalist. Of course, Silverman felt it was only fair to inform him that this was actually Sacha Baron Cohen in disguise. I don’t know if I really buy this… for one thing, Affleck doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would be so clueless. However, I could definitely see Affleck being in on the joke, perhaps in the same way that Pamela Anderson was in on the joke for Borat.

Either way, I’m starting to get very curious to see what Sacha Baron Cohen is going to do for an encore. I know there’s been a lot of Borat backlash and I wonder how receptive people will be to more of his pranks. Personally I can’t wait. I will say, however, that if the title of the movie really is Brüno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt, then I may find myself joining the backlashers in due time. For a hint of what’s to come, check out the YouTube clip below to see Bruno and a friend causing a ruckus at the Kansas airport.

  • joe

    I think Bruno was the least “lol” funny of the characters on HBO’s Ali G series, but I could see the movie being better than Borat, which was just Ok, IMO, compared to other work that he’s done.

  • scoville

    That clip was stupid.

  • I agree it wasn’t that funny but you have to remember it’s just raw footage of a shoot in progress. It’s not like this is a promotional clip they’ve released for the film, it’s just some guy at the airport who recorded them briefly.

  • I am definitely looking forward to more of Sacha Baron Cohen’s stuff. I haven’t seen the Ali G show so don;t know the Bruno character. I hope he is as funny as Borat.

  • How is he even doing this anymore? Borat made him a superstar and that is obviously Sacha Baron Cohen. It’s kind of sad that backlash and stardom may end the career of a genius who just came into the spotlight. Go back and look at Charlie Chaplin, was anything he did “different” than the things he did before? This whole Internet thing is killing careers at warp speed.

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