When Fanboys Attack – Star Wars Fans Defend Their Favourite Movie They Haven’t Seen

In small numbers, they’re slow, sluggish and easy to avoid. But in large groups, they’re dangerous. They’re fanboys, and the only way to stop them is DESTROYING THEIR BRAINS.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard about the controversy surrounding the release of ‘Fanboys’, the Kyle Newman directed comedy about a gang of teens and their dying friend trying to break into the Skywalker Ranch for a sneak peek at Star Wars Episode 1. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, join 99.98% of the rest of the world. Apparently this film has been in limbo ever since some low test screening scores, prompting the studio (The Weinstein Company) to rethink it’s comedic approach to a cancer sub plot that most folks felt was a total buzz kill. Enter Steven Brill, director of Drillbit Taylor and other comedy gems. His job is to lighten things up with some reshoots, completely eliminating the ‘dying wish’ subplot, thus sending Star Wars fans around the world into a frenzy!

fanboys_poster_preview.jpgOnce Star Wars fanboys caught wind of these changes, word started to spread amongst interweb message boards like a wild fire on Dagobah…or something. The last thing you want to do is let an internet fanboy know that you’re making changes without his approval. Look at what happened with Transformers! Everyone hated the flames on the truck and…well they just had to deal with it. But don’t you DARE mess with a teenage comedy cancer sub plot! The time has come for Star Wars fanboys to unite and ensure that director Kyle Newman’s vision isn’t compromised! Such heroics are honourable to some, but for me, this whole thing stinks of horse piss.

First of all, you dudes haven’t even seen the movie. NEITHER VERSION. What if the cancer plot IS a buzz kill?? Or better yet, what if BOTH versions blow serious Dewback cock? After some lack lustre trailers, I have to say that Fanboys looks like a pretty middle of the road comedy. The only reason it’s getting as much attention as it is, OF COURSE, is because of the Star Wars element. Is that really all it takes? Dress some of your main characters as Storm Troopers and you’ve got an instant classic? Somebody better tell the dudes who made Balls of Fury. Oh wait…the star of that piece of shit is IN Fanboys! I wonder how many 80’s metal jokes he’ll spout off in this one.

Earlier this week, all of the major news sites (at least those run out of single bedroom apartments) announced a mass protest as organized by ‘Fanboys’ fanboys. The plan? This Friday, tens to hundreds of people will REFUSE to see Superhero Movie. My first question…you were actually going to see it otherwise?? Geez. Just stay home and read some Mad Magazine back issues and skip Superhero Movie AND Fanboys. This could be the lamest protest ever. Scratch that, it’s equally as lame as every other internet fanboy protest that pops up every six months.

The latest news in this whole debacle comes from Cinematical in the form of a series of supposed email interactions between fanboys and Steven Brill himself. The first point of contention with Mr.Brill, he’s not a Star Wars fan!! Gasp. I mean come on, does it really matter?? Hell, Nicholas Meyer wasn’t a Star Trek fan in the least and he ended up cranking out some of the best Star Trek films to date. I’m sure Kyle Newman isn’t a cancer survivor, yet you entrust him to tell that story convincingly. Sigh. Anyways, I’ve copied and pasted the emails below. After giving them a quick read I’m not convinced they’re real. See for yourself:

Email 1:
Fan’s email to Brill:
Sent: Feb 23, 2008 5:25 PM
Subject: You suck for re-cutting ‘fanboys’
You suck for re-cutting ‘fanboys’
You really do.

Brill’s response:
From: ******@******
Subject: Re: You suck for re-cutting ‘fanboys’
U suck for e mailing me your bullsh*t whining. U r gonna like fanboys better because of me and then u can kiss my ass
Email 2:
Fan’s email to Brill
Dear Mr. Brill,
I had contacted my theatres booking agent when I first heard about “Fanboys. ” I thought it would be an uplifting and funny change of pace for our theatres.
Now, I realize that it will be the same cut and dried mainstream junk that has been habitually littering our auditoriums.
I am going to contact my booker and suggest that as a company, we do not pick up this film for presentation. You have ruined a wonderful concept.


Brill’s response:
From: *****@******
No. Please god. No Chris… please no. Don’t wield your power against us. I was just trying to help. Please Christopher don’t hold it against the movie. We’ll do anything to gain your trust. You seem so important and so knowledgeable, obviously you have formed a real considered opinion and the fact that you will not book us into your theatre is so unfair. I implore you sir please reconsider. Direct your wrath at me, but don’t take it out on the movie….. What can we do to appease you Chris? You dumb cu*t. E mail me again and I will hunt you down f**ker… try me.
Email 3:
Fan’s email to Brill:
You’re involved with Fanboys for nothing more than a quick buck. You don’t give a damn about the movie, Star Wars or its fans, so why the f**k did you agree to the job? Do you sleep comfortably at night knowing that you’ve bastardised a film that has the potential to become a cult classic for years on end into a movie which will be forgotten about in less than 6 weeks.
Little Nicky was okay, the rest sucked.
Once more, f**k you!

Brill’s response:
From: ******@*******
Hey Owen. You’re kind of a big mouth tough guy over the internet. Wanna come say f**k you to my face? I’d be happy to give you the chance. How about this tough guy. You and I go head to head in a Star Wars Trivia contest. You think I don’t care about the wars f**ker? I know more about it than you can imagine. I care deeply and have been immersed in Star Wars since it came out. I was there jerk off. I still have my stub. I have seen the trilogy probably a hundred times in the theater! And you dare question my caring. You think I would do it for the money!? I did it to get the movie released! So people like you could see it. But come on. Let’s prove who cares more. Five thousand dollars to the winner of a trivia contest. I’ll donate my winnings to the American Cancer Society…So get ready big shot… If you e mail me again, you better be ready to lose that five thousand.

Hey, I have nothing against passion, but these emails are ridiculous. The funniest part of it all is how much these fans are pushing for the cancer story. It’s like cancer fandom. It’s as though they’re so wrapped up in themselves that they’ve lost track of what they’re even fighting for. I’m a fan of many things, but I think I can do without the cancer sub-plot in this teenage comedy. It seems to me that most of the folks on the internet simply like the idea of getting their small voices heard by the big shots. Whether it’s speaking out against studios clamping down on leaked content, sending tons of nuts to television producers to bring back their favourite shows, or complaining about the ratio of robots to humans in their favourite movies, internet fans want to be acknowledged. (Just look at the end credits of Clerks 2 for proof of this.) Can you imagine if all of that energy and passion was put to good use? Who knows how the world could change. A cure for cancer perhaps? How ironic would that be?

  • I didn’t realize when they started talking about a boycott that they were going to boycott Superhero Movie. That’s pretty hilarious. Now when it bombs at the box office this weekend they’ll be like, “See that… that was the power of Star Wars fans.”

    Actually screw that, the movie will still probably be #1 at the box office anyway.

    More info on their organized protests here:

  • This is hilarious. I think people like these are more likely to bring forth the downfall of western civilization than anybody who paid to see Jackass or Meet The Spartans.

  • Nothing says funny like cancer!

  • I agree the whole cancer angle seems like a downer.

    You can imagine someone in the audience saying “hey…MY friend died of cancer…fuck..”

  • “So be it, Darth Weinstein. Now… witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station!!!”

    The people behind this protest have got to have a sense of humour about things. I can’t possibly believe that statement is 100% serious.

  • 1. I love 80’s metal.

    2. I agree it’s lame, but really I would ultimately side against who ever wants to change the original intended vision. Good or bad, its a shame when the studio fucks with it.

  • Let me just say that I agree with that. The movie might be shit, but just on the issue of accountability, I want every director to have complete control over his or her film, so that I can hold them accountable to their travesties afterwards.

    That has nothing to do with these idiots though. These are just Star Wars nerds who find a banner to wave and try and get their name in the paper. Darth Weinstein? Get out of the basement.

  • yeah, “darth weinstein” is just a bit absurd.

  • What ever happened to the other star wars fandom movie,05-25-77



  • I’ve been wondering about that myself. I was kind of looking forward to that movie.

  • The cancer angle worked in FUBAR. As much as I like the Star Wars series, these fanboys are embarrassing.

  • I’m a big time nerd, but Star Wars has never been my thing. I like the original trilogy just fine, but I am really not looking forward to this movie at all.

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  • Sue-AT

    What a bunch of strange wierdos you are – but interesting – and amusing. I stumbled across this webpage somehow – definitely wasn’t looking for it – got hooked and read the whole thing. Peace, Sue-T

  • FutureFan

    I am a Star Trek fan (and we have time-warp; see that “Posted” date? that’s the future!).

    * There will never be a FANBOYS theatrical run! * There will be a DVD release, but it will be of the re-edited movie! *

    Now, be careful what you do with this knowledge of future events, otherwise you may change the time-line, and, and, I may cease to exi…s…t…