Film Junk Podcast Episode #161: Southland Tales


0:00-03:00 – Intro / In-house Stuff: Walk The Line Extended Cut DVD Contest
03:00-20:30 – Headlines: Sam Raimi Doing Jack Ryan Franchise, Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry 6, No Fantastic Four 3, First Pics of Snake Eyes
20:30-40:50 – Junk Mail
40:50-55:35 – Review: Southland Tales
55:35-1:06:50 – Trailer Trash: Tropic Thunder, Standard Operating Procedure
1:06:50-1:08:55 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:08:55-1:11:01 – Outro

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  • Goon

    I can’t wait to listen to this show. Southland Tales was maybe the biggest mess I’ve ever seen, with 2 interesting scenes peppered in between.

    its like a 12 year old wrote a sci fi novel and then made a visual director and a b list cast take it seriously half the time and do their best to be satirical the other half.

    of course in the end neither succeeds at all. I actually liked the Timberlake Killers lip sync, and I liked the Star Spangled Banner cover, but thats about it. Acting wise, most of them were pointless robots. The Rock was ridiculous but he actually showed effort, and Seann William Scott I was able to take seriously enough, but everyone else was just horrid.


  • I agree with Jay during the review…

    I completely agree there are parts of the film that seem intentionally sabotaged, especially evidenced by the casting, and its obviously a satire in many places..

    at the same time its so inept and still trying to be serious so often that it just falls apart.

    I thought the Lovitz thing was hilariously bad, but in the best way…

    “….do you wanna fuck… or do ya wanna watch a movie?”

    the narration stuff agreed with Jay is the absolute worst, the movie would actually be a lot better without it, it would just seem weird rather than trying to be deep.

    I think you’re both right about the Timberlake thing. its ridulcous and timberlake is over performing, but I liked it for the same reason Sean did – it was just a music video… maybe thats what Kelly should be doing instead…

    ‘the last 20 minutes are ok’

    the last 20 minutes are Donnie Darko all over again! time portals and self sacrifice – after everything it all goes back to the same thing.

    Richard Kelly has indeed lost all his clout in my eyes, but he lost a great deal of it to me with the Donnie Darko Directors Cut, which Greg – if you ever do see Donnie Darko – don’t watch. Watch the original, more confusing version. It doesnt make complete sense, but its a good watch. The directors cut just ruins it with song changes and over explaining things. Its so phony and in the commentary where he’s talking with Kevin Smith you can actually tell he has no idea how to handle the changes.

  • …and it was Jesse and the Rippers…

    Viper was the guitarist in his band though :P

  • Bob The Slob

    wait…bob saget is COOL now…Aristocrats, his recent HBO stand up…his entire act is making fun of himself and his career…I’ve met him, he is really fucking cool.

  • I’ll cop to liking the JT dance scene.

  • Has anyone read RK’s script for Holes? I highly recommend it.

  • Greg where is the Vantage Point review?! You damned tease.

  • Fat Milo

    I think Southland tales is an excellent candidate for the Film Junk Defense Force segment. Can a movie succeed if its intent was not to be entertaining? For me this movie was kind of like the guy in Full Metal Jacket announcing “I AM IN A WORLD OF SHIT.”
    This movie is a mirror that RK is holding up to the world. It is pretentious. I doesn’t make sense. It is a world run by idiot caricatures, fucking movie stars, professional wrestlers as politicians. It’s a world saturized by bullshit glitzy, scrolling news briefs pronouncing nothing. A world ruled by panacea selling snake oil capitalists destroying the earth and getting rich doing it. A world filled with blockbusters wholly dependent on crap plot twists and the idiot fans that love them with all their self-referential, celebrity idolizing, cross-media marketing glory.
    Southland tales would have made Samuel Beckett proud.
    Yes ladies and gentlemen I want everyone to go their window right now and I want to you to open your window and I want you to shout “I live in a world of shit.”
    You want to know why you hated this movie. Because you went to RK and bought a box of Captain Crunch. You took it home and it turned out to be Kashi Nuggets.

    Sorry in advance for the rant, but as a piece of social commentary I think the film does work. We always want to kill the messenger.

  • Goon

    …a mirror RK is holding up to the world? to some degree it obviously is, however Kelly himself is so goddamn pretentious (witness the Directors Cut version of Donnie Darko, and one of the worst commentary tracks I’ve ever heard) that he can’t end up doing it right

  • Dwayne Johnson and J.Timberlake are surprisingly talented actors; but i’m still trying to figure out what Southland Tales was about… maybe it’s: life is blurred, clutter, flashy and not always meaningful.