First Pics of Ray Park as Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe


Well we finally have our first glimpse at Stephen Sommers’ G.I. Joe movie in the form of photos of Ray Park in costume as Snake Eyes. The way the photos are presented make them almost seem cel-shaded, perhaps in an attempt to reconcile the cartoon imagery we have in our heads with the real-life counterpart. I wonder if this is a visual style they will try to carry through to the film?

Either way they definitely seem to be drawing their concepts directly from the recent Image and Devil’s Due comic books, which are obviously a little more realistic than the 80’s cartoon. I’m still not expecting much from the movie but I’d be lying if I said these pics didn’t give me a minor twinge of fanboy excitement. What do you think? You can check out another picture over on the USA Today site.

  • I think Ninjas are cool. I hate the stupid gun, but I don’t think this movie will be bad. I’ve liked enough of Stephen Sommers’stuff, especially Mummy 2 and Deep Rising.

    It can hardly be worse than Transformers anyway. The soldiers in that film was pretty much what everbody is afraid of the G.I.Joe movie being.

  • I’m hoping the movie is better than Transformers…(which had a couple of good parts, but sucked overall).

  • paulie

    looks like a shot from the comic i collected a few years ago prety bad ass if you ask me didnt snake eyes have an uzzie and wolf called timber in the cartoon?

  • He did Paulie…in the toy series too. I think he had a custom “ninja” motorbike too at one point as well.

  • A wolf named Timber sounds pretty wicked.

  • Nuno

    When I was growing up, our family dog was named Timber, after Snake Eye’s wolf.

  • I gotta say, I think it looks great. However, chances are that this will be the last good thing we see from this movie. My fingers are crossed that I’m wrong.

  • Against my better judgement I have to go with the general consensus: that picture is pretty bad ass.

  • The picture is good. Lets just hope the casting is just as impressive.

  • Hey Tom, most of the cast has already been announced. You can see the complete list on IMDB:

  • Thanks Sean….Sienna Miller as The Baroness? Huh?!? I’m sure they could have done better.