Sam Raimi to Revive Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Franchise?


With Sam Raimi currently prepping his new horror flick Drag Me to Hell, a lot of people have been wondering if his days of franchise flogging are over. Now that he’s done with the whole Spider-Man thing (or so it seems), surely he wouldn’t throw himself back into the driver’s seat of another major blockbuster franchise anytime soon… would he? Well, it seems that he might. There are reports across the web today that Raimi is in talks with Paramount Pictures to help reboot Tom Clancy’s popular Jack Ryan character for the big screen.

Jack Ryan, you may remember, is a C.I.A. operative who has been played by three different actors in four different films: Alec Baldwin (The Hunt for Red October), Harrison Ford (Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger) and Ben Affleck (The Sum of All Fears). Apparently there have been rumours that Ryan Gosling is being considered to play the new Jack Ryan, and although this has yet to be confirmed, it seems they want to base the new franchise around a younger version of Ryan.

It seems a bit strange to me considering that Tom Clancy’s audience has always skewed older, but I guess with all the video games based on his books they’re hoping to get younger viewers involved as well, and perhaps capitalize on the popularity of Jason Bourne. Raimi would potentially develop and direct several films based on the character, with the first being planned for summer 2010. What do you think, can Raimi do espionage and global intrigue? I’d certainly be curious to find out.

  • Anything but Spiderman and I’m happy – which is what Raimi should’ve been doing all along.

    Leave crap like Spiderman to the Emmerich’s and Bay’s of the world. Raimi should be doing something worthwhile – if that’s rebooting an older franchise, so be it. As long as it ain’t another comic book adaptation.

    Plus, and let’s be honest here, Gosling kicks all sort of ass.

  • Yeah Tom Clancy is WAY above Spider-Man.

  • Nemesis

    3. I’d prefer to see a Splinter Cell movie, i’m sure Raimi could do a good job on that.

  • “What do you think, can Raimi do espionage and global intrigue?”

    After seeing Raimi pull off so many different genres with Evil Dead, A Simple Plan, For Love of the Game, The Quick and the Dead, and Spiderman, I’m convinced that he can pretty much do anything. I could really care less about Jack Ryan, but my ass will be in the seats if and when this film comes to pass.