J.J. Abrams to Remake Swedish Vampire Flick Let The Right One In?


I hadn’t heard of Tomas Alfredson’s upcoming film LÃ¥t den rätte komma in (Let The Right One In), but apparently it has been a hit on the festival circuit and was recently picked up by Magnet Releasing, a subdivision of Magnolia Pictures, to be distributed in the U.S. This is a Swedish film based on the novel by John Ajvide Linqvist (who also wrote the script), and tells of a 12 year old boy who falls in love with a young girl who moves in next door. The bad news is, she ends up being a vampire!

There’s been no word on when it might hit theatres here, but the buzz has been so strong that there is already interest in an English-language remake. And according to Bloody Disgusting, the outfit that has been pursuing the remake rights is none other than Bad Robot, J.J. Abrams’ production company! Who knows if Abrams himself is interested in directing, but it sounds like an intriguing story to be sure, and we all know that vampire flicks never go out of style. Check out the Swedish trailer for the movie below.

  • Andreas

    Interesting. I´m swedish myself, and I´m not updated with either the novel nor the film, but having watched the trailer I´m sort of keen on seeing this one. I like how the film looks to be set in the 70s, but I´m having a hard time with the child actors (often do) – guess you who aren´t swedish have an even more difficult time ;)

    A swedish vampire movie is always welcome – genre flicks like that does not grow on trees up here…

    Keep up the good work with the show…but seriously try to limit the cop stories- I want movie discussions!

  • That movie looks amazing. I’m less enthused about an Abrams remake, because an american version would probably change the killer kid. But the French version looks awesome… hope it’s out here soon.

  • Ned med Sverige.

  • Andreas

    Jon Rocks> French version?

  • Oh, yes– I hope the French version is available here (in the US) soon.

  • Aside from John Carpenter’s Vampires, which I like more for it’s silliness than anything else, I can’t really think of a vampire film that I’ve really liked. Every time one comes out (a la 30 Days Of Night) I cross my fingers and sit through it in hopes that it will finally be the vampire move to make me give a damn about the creatures involved, but it just hasn’t happened yet. As such, I’m not so much looking forward to this film’s possible release date as I am wondering if it will be the one to finally turn me around on vampires.

  • You’re not supposed to care about the creatures, but the humans! I like From Dusk Till Dawn and the Blade movies, but I admit I can’t say it’s because I like the characters involved, but rather the awesome action and humor stuff.

    A vampire movie doesn’t have anything on it’s shoulders though. If it is a good action movie, then it is a good action movie. I like good action movies.

  • HN1

    Saw the original and it is fan-freaking-tastic. There are a few lulls and one ridiculous bit with CGI cats. Overall, though, it’s gorgeous and creepy as hell, even, dare I say, realistic (as in, if vampires were real they’d probably have the pathetic life of the central vampire character). Amazing acting, too. Not looking forward to the remake.

  • Isobelle

    I saw this video at the Vancouver Film Fest just yesterday. I found it to be very interesting, and very well shot. The clips shown in this trailer don’t even show the best scenes. I recommend this movie.

  • championshipboxer

    At least from this tralier I just saw this movie does not look as good as I heard on the news.

    I ain’t too sure I will bother watching this movie after all.

    These kids don’t look so scary.

  • sign the petition to stop the remake and help promote the original

  • localhero

    Just got home from seeing “Let The Right One In” and absolutely loved it. I could care less about an American remake though where, of course, it’ll be stripped of everything that makes the original so beautiful, sad, tragic, heartbreaking and poignant. Just watch. (But PLEASE see the original.)

  • steve

    i liked “let the right one in” quite a bit.
    it’s unlikely that matt reeves will make anything as good. c’mon, reeves’ credits are “cloverfield” “the pallbearer” and the tv show “felicity”. i’ll confess i actually liked “felicity” for a season or two, but the guy doesn’t exactly have a quality pedigree, y’know?
    but that’s how things go, no point in bitching about it. nobody will be forced at gunpoint to see the remake and if it’s a piece of crap (as i suspect it will be) then the original will remain the definitive version of the story.

  • Adam

    I’m disgusted! My respect for the american film industry is getting smaller (right word?) by the day.

  • I am angry. I can’t believe the lack of respect and integrity J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves have for the rest of the film industry. I hope JJ and Matt lose every cent on this bull$#!t. I will not be seeing this remake.

  • enoon

    LTROI is an amazing movie. It doesn’t need a remake — it needs some better publicity. The movie is beautiful, compelling, sincerely sad, and utterly frightening.

    I can almost not believe this. Abrams wants to remake a year old movie? Why?

  • Gregory

    I say if the remake gonna be done they should keep the girl actress and make the girl Vamp 100% girl and give Oskar the opportunity to be a Vamp or not.

    whether the remake sucks or not as long as they keep the same soundtrack and girl it may have a chance.

    do you Read what I’m typing Mr. Reeves Keep the same girl and make her 100% female.

  • “make the girl Vamp 100% girl and give Oskar the opportunity to be a Vamp or not.”

    sorry buts that just RANDOM. In the original original (the book) she is even less a girl than in the movie. Whats the advantage of “making the girl a girl”? One shouldn’t change it as well as one shouldn’t give the boy a short haircut.
    And “give Oskar the opportunity to be a Vamp or not.”?? That movie isn’t freaking Twillight!