Robocop Getting Rebooted?


Well here’s one bone-headed remake that we were all hoping had silently gone away, but unfortunately it seems it may not be completely dead after all. According to Merrick over at Ain’t It Cool News, a recent MGM press release is touting a new Robocop movie among the numerous franchise films the studio currently has in development. Last we heard of this project, the studio had supposedly lost interest, leaving writer Ed Neumeier to move on to other projects.

I don’t know what they’ve got planned, but I really can’t see it being anything worthwhile. After two sequels and a few TV incarnations, I think Robocop has pretty much run its course at this point. Don’t get me wrong, the original is a masterpiece in its own right, and if Paul Verhoeven for some insane reason decided he wanted revisit the franchise 20 years later, I might be interested. But otherwise, why can’t MGM just be content to bring out new special edition DVDs every couple of years? If you ask me, this whole reboot trend is even worse than just doing plain old remakes.

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  • Captain N

    A Robocop remake would be awesome. However, it needs a complete reboot. And a brand new suit. I would love to see this done.

  • The original is an amazing movie. Is anybody interested in watching a PG-13 RoboCop?

  • Bob The Slob

    The idea is laughable, the original is a masterpiece. I normally would be violently against an idea like this, but the intense amount of comedy that could come from them even trying to touch what Verhoven did is so tempting to see…not to mention that Peter Weller IS Robocop. Hilarious. Pathetic.

    Not to go on the now cliche’d rant on Remakes, but for me the problem isnt them destroying the name of the original, its more the thought of all the independent or starving scriptwriters and directors out there with fresh new ideas that cant even afford an agent (or probably a lunch) who have to sit there and watch all the great movies that inspired them be remade into vile slop while thier possibly great new cinematic treasures go unwanted and unknown (98% of the ideas are probably shit, but there has got to be genius that is getting passed over in order to remake a movie that is already perfect and should just be re-released).

  • No interest. Shame. Die Reboots, Die.

    The thing that made Robocop a special movie was Neumeier and Verhoeven’s special sense of satire, christ-complexing, and uber-violent aesthetic (which led to the phrase “Porno-Violent” which was later subverted in the early 00’s as “Torture-Porn”)

    I love the original Robocop, it holds up well, (perhaps even better) today than it did in 1988. No need for a re-make or re-boot.

    “Could you sign this please?”
    “[spits blood on paperwork] Just give me my fuckin’ phone call”

  • A combination of Kurt and Henrik’s comments. It’s not only unnecessary, it’ll likely be trashy and cleaned up for a younger rating. I’m not interested in seeing any of that.

  • Nemesis

    One of the best Sci-Fi action movies ever and a great 80s timepiece.

    As mentioned great satire & way ahead of its time, especially the News broadcasts ‘Give us 3 minutes & we’ll give you the world!’the mega-corporations running the Police and the intresting Crucifixion/Resurrection storyline running throughout the movie. The flashbacks are superb.

    Peter Weller will always be Robocop, forget updating it, it would be hard to top the original..

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  • Ryan

    Hollywood has cancer. It is known as remakes.