Austin Powers 4 Going Into Production at Warner Bros?


Ever since New Line was forced to merge with Warner Brothers a couple of weeks ago, it has left a lot of people speculating what New Line properties would still be carried on by the WB, and which ones would fall by the wayside. Well, the obvious one that is still being carried over is The Hobbit, but it seems that New Line chief Toby Emmerich has a couple of sequels in mind as well — including Wedding Crashers 2 and Austin Powers 4?!

Wedding Crashers 2 seems like a given, assuming Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn would be interested in it, but I have to admit I’m very surprised to hear about an Austin Powers 4, especially with Mike Myers’ new movie The Love Guru coming out this summer. I thought he was ready to leave that character behind, but perhaps he’s not so confident in his new project? Then again, it’s quite possible they’re planning this whole thing without him. All I’m going to say is that they better not pull off some lame ass “Son of Austin Powers” sequel. As questionable as the second and third Austin Powers movies were, that just has disaster written all over it. How would you feel about a fourth Austin Powers movie?

  • joe

    I loved the first (and a little bit of the second) Austin Powers, but after the third, I don’t know what I can hope for this series. I thought it had already run its course.

  • Rick

    Awesome. Love the Dr. Evil character and Fat Bastard.

  • Fuck that.

  • Cous

    Please God make it stop

  • Bob The Slob

    I’m a Wayne’s World man myself.

  • Fuck this.

  • Rick

    What’s with all of the Mike Myers hatred?

  • Nothing is inherently wrong with Mike Myers, but it just seems as though his comedies are rife with repeated jokes. If you watch all of his films, there are a few key jokes (pretending to cry laughing, scotttich accent, moley moley moley) that he repeats over and over. It’s just gotten annoying. And at this point it’s hard to bring something new to the table in terms of Austin Powers– the joke of AP is about 10 years old at this point.

  • I never liked Austin Powers 2 or 3, but I have to admit that I have at least a slight interest in seeing Seth Green become the series’ main villain as they sort of hinted towards at the end of the third one.

    Concerning this possible new movie though, why do I feel like it might end up being a shitty prequel with a younger actor a la Dumb & Dumberer?

  • Captain N

    I am all for a return to Waynes World. How about a Waynes World 3? That sounds good? Maybe Myers should get on top of that.

  • If Mike Myers is going to make a pointless, needless sequel, he should at least bring Dana Carvey out of retirement for a third Wayne’s World.

  • Brandon

    I didn’t like Austin Powers at all until I heard that Beyonce was going to be in the third one. So I wouldn’t mind a fouth…only if my girl B. is in it. Now say whatever you want on that!!!

  • Mr. Bigglesworth

    I’m sure that most of you nixing this GREAT idea are only 9 or 10 years old and you haven’t seen any of the Austin Powers movies or the brilliance that Mike Myers is on his stint on SNL (that’s Saturday Night Live…I know that show is on way past your bedtimes, so you don’t know what SNL is).

    No go clean your rooms!!!! Yeah Baby!

  • well first of all out of all the replys only one person doesnt like the idea he is just sending many comments saying it is going to suck but i no fo sho it will own
    the movie would be “shagadellic baby yeah”
    thats right b****es i no that the same person is hating on him
    and that one kid is right youre all probably too young to understand half his jokes
    get this borat was named the modern austin powers meaning austin powers is one of the funnyest movies ever
    the spy who shagged me- just look at the name of the movie its halarious and i no you thought the fat bastards crap test scene was funny
    goldmember- the name is funny by itself again and i no you laughed through the whole thing espesially the evel meeting at the beginning with the preperation h joke
    the one person is just being a b****

  • look at how all the negative comments were posted the same day the whole blog was posted…hmmm i wonder who posted the negative comments
    well fuck you guys because the movie will set records

  • this movie will be the best ever!!!! i dont no what your all thinking

  • The Baron

    For anyone wondering, Mike Myers has given some information on this in a few different interviews. He has said the following:

    1) He is interested in doing a 4th movie becasue he misses doing the characters.

    2) If a 4th movie is made, it will focus more on Dr. Evil and less on Austin himself.

    It is also rumored on a few sites, bot not confirmed, that this movie would bring back all three “Powers Girls”. That would be Vanessa Kensington (Liz Hurley), Felicty Shagwell (Heather Graham), and Foxy Cleopatra (Beyonce Knowles).

    So do not fear a ‘Son of Austin Powers” movie because Mike would never allow such an atrocity to occur.

    -The Baron

  • Mo

    I read that Gisele would be the lead female in this movie. I hope that Seth Green gets more of a role in this film also. I am sure they will unveil some new character as well.

  • Okay.. everyone is SO full of Bullshit!

    I mean.. Austin Powers is like the greatest movie Series.. I can recite all 3 of them. I think that they can totally do it..

    Mike Myers is awesome.. and Austin Powers is Sexy..

    SO put that in ur pipe and smoke it motherfuckers :)

  • Grant

    I agree with Jayme. Austin Powers is like, the best thing that ever happened to movies. I can’t for this new one to come out.

  • J

    Austin Powers Haters above. Listen, the movies are funny. Yeah there is a lot of “repeat” humor. So what. The movies make you laugh, they are not classics like Scarface, Resevior Dogs, or somthing like that. It is for fun. Lighten up. I say one more then that should be it, unless time passes and no good movies are out. Then bring on Austin 5!

  • Static

    I live with my father, his girlfriend, and her son… and I swear, we must watch each of the Austin Powers’ films twice a week. Austin Powers is a legacy in my family, and the jokes just never seem to get old. I saw nothing wrong with the second or third AP films, and think they were just as genious and hilarious – if not more so – than the original. I can’t wait to see the newest addition to the series! Can you imagine, a movie where Dr. Evil is the good guy, his “rebel” son is the new Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard is now just Bastard… I just plain can’t wait for this to hit the big screen!

  • Anthony

    you know ive watched austin powers so many freakin times………and it never gets old!

    i’d say to mike myers, do it.make a fourth movie
    dont even worry bout the first three and how its gonna be compared
    just make a funny ass movie
    thats gonna include “SCOTTY DONT”!


  • mark

    thats so true – powers is da bomb!

    Whoever posted all those mean comments has lost their mojo!

  • suds

    Austin Powers Is Amazin They Should Bring out an Austin powers 25 ! His JOkes Never Get Old And I could Sit And Watch THe MOvie Over And Over
    I Would Also Like To Add
    ” Yesh Shalty”Goldmember :L

  • suds

    Also What Im Not Looking Farward To In The Movie Is That It Is focused More On Dr.Evil Than Austin That Is Kind Of A Downer But I Canna Wait Till 2009 Now !

  • (:

    I think a new austin powes film will be shagadelic!

    The three movies are hilarious and so will a new one!
    His jokes are hilarious and you could watch it over and over and still laugh at them.

    Austin powers is Groovy baby!

    Do i want a fourth one to come out, yeh, baby, yeh!

  • 11

    cant wait for 4th part

  • PowerTower

    4th film….
    1.Scot evil makes a fem bot out from Foxy, who Austin and Evil have to rescue the real Foxy from Scot evil..

    2.Fat bastard now becomes Skinny Bastard, who gets brainwashed by Scot evil into kiling Austin and Evil, Mini me saves the day…

    3.Main plot Scot evil uses the sharks with laser beams to sink oil tankers, stopping the world oil production, which the HQ of Scot evil is inside a oil tanker itself…

    4.Austin and Foxy marry…

    These are my ideas on a 4th film….

  • dr.shawn

    I’m not going to get into the nitty- gritty as most of you have. Yes the jokes are repetitive, but THATS THE POINT. If you find it annoying, then either you need to lighten up or look away. Austin Powers has progressively become better and better, AP 3 was by far the funniest in my opinion. A fourth movie would be smashing, baby. This is comedy people, laugh a little. At least Mike Myers has a sense of humor.