The Lost Boys 2 Trailer

Here it is folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The official trailer for the movie event of the summer… The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe starring both Coreys! This originally premiered over at MTV Overdrive, but since those of us outside the U.S. can’t watch it there, I have embedded the trailer courtesy of TrailerSpy.

I have to admit, I was initially a bit curious about this sequel due to the return of Feldman, Haim and Jamison Newlander, but now that I’ve seen the trailer, I seriously doubt I will be watching it. A few months ago, Feldman was trying to spark a fan movement to get the movie released theatrically instead of direct to DVD, but it’s pretty obvious that it really doesn’t deserve it. Nostalgia can only go so far, my friends. The release date for the movie is still TBA, but apparently Wildstorm Comics are releasing a 4-issue prequel in May called The Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs. Check out the trailer below and feel free to post your own thoughts.

  • wickedgerbil

    it looks a lot like the first , is it a good or a bad thing i don’t know ,but a least its not a $%$?#ing remake

  • Oh my….. I didn’t expect this to be good in any way, but…. wow.

    You can’t fool me with the “thou shall not fall” reference to the original soundtrack!

  • I have to say that the trailer does not look as bad as I thought it would. Certainly doesn’t deserve a theatrical release, though.

    I guess Haim isn’t in the trailer? Probably has a small part.


    Shewww… I was worried.

  • And don’t forget surfing!

  • Kieron

    I can’t help but feel excited about this flick now, didn’t think I would but damn! Is that the original song or is it the original rejigged somewhat?

  • theman

    I’m on the fence here. The first one was so good. its right up there with fright night IMO. we’ll see.

  • paulie

    A friend of mine sent me a link after he saw the trailer on lost boys 2 looks freaken sweet watch the interviews with Corey Feldman he explains a lot about the movie and also i think they have the second iron man trailer which looks way better than the first ill definitely be seeing iron man this summer when it comes out….

  • Chopper

    this is pure shit……….and this is coming from the ultimate Lost Boys fan. they should never even wasted time and money on this sequel.

  • Dev

    Eh.. it looks fun..

    But it may suck.. hard to say.

    It may be as hip, campy and spooky as the first..

    Or it may be the Fast and the Furious with fangs..

    A one minute trailer makes it impossible to tell…

  • Freaking awesome! I am a huge Lost Boys fan and have been waiting a long time for this. I do admitt being a big fan it will have to conquer the world in order to beat the first one. As for the haters -the first one had bad reviews and people where knocking the trailers also but look at it now. NO, I’m not saying it’s going to be better but it will be entertaining!


  • John

    What the f**k is up with the remake of Gerard McMann’s Cry Little Sister? and is Corey Feldman The only O.G. actor from the first one, and It was not filmed in Santa Cruz three major dissapointments so far. But I will still watch it just dont know if I will like it

  • jason

    nothing compares to the first, but this might be alot of fun

  • Hi, this is Bill Aggie with here in Virginia. We made all the graphics for the bikes – at least the reflective decals. I’m probably more anxious than anybody to see more of this movie. The trailer shows a quick glimpse and it looks like they even put the decals on the bottom of the skateboard. Anyhow, I would appreciate anybody here that finds more photos and/or additional trailers beyond the 1st trailer released through MTV. Please contact me at our website using the formmail there. I am hoping to get at least one great shot of our decals.. but it’s not possible with the current trailer.

    Bill Aggie
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  • GaryT

    I was in 8th Grade when the first Lost Boys was released…and it had a huge impact on my Metallica / MegaDeath friends and I. We already wore “pre-goth” trench coats….LOL!!!!!

    Anyway – this movie will probably suck…how could it compare to the TOTALLY AWESOME original…but you have to support the effort by renting it.

  • tin-tin

    This is another attempt for “has-beens” to recapture their lost glory and jackassey wannabe hollywood trash to capitalize on my damn youth! If Schumacher did it with Sutherland, Patrick company then you have a sequel. This is shit. Shit all over something I love. And its not even theater shit… it’s straight to DVD. It’s not gonna be worth the film it’s printed on OR there WOULD be a theatrical release. They can’t fool me with “Cry Little Sister” either. Sonsabitches!