Incredible Hulk Trailer Starring Edward Norton


You know, I have to admit, the new Incredible Hulk movie didn’t really cross my mind much after the initial announcement that Ed Norton had been cast as Bruce Banner, and now that the first trailer has arrived, I am realizing why this is the case. I simply don’t have any enthusiasm for it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ed Norton, but I don’t think he’s going to magically make the Hulk a cooler character or a more viable franchise. Eric Bana pretty much rules, and look at how the first Hulk movie turned out. Sure you can blame it on Ang Lee, but in my opinion, the reason it didn’t work is because the Hulk isn’t a very interesting character to begin with. (Sue me.) And is Liv Tyler really a fair trade for Jennifer Connelly??!

Keeping in mind that this movie’s main purpose is to reboot the franchise and erase all memory of Ang Lee’s version, I couldn’t help but think… it doesn’t look all that different. Sure, they promise more action and destruction, but the CG for the Hulk doesn’t seem vastly superior to the previous incarnation, and sorry, Abomination looks kind of lame too. Add to this a little bit of overacting from Ed Norton, and I am really not seeing anything to get excited about. The whole thing just seems so redundant. With all the movies you could be making out there, you’re telling me that a redo of the Hulk is a major motion picture event? I don’t get it, but hey maybe comic book movie fatigue is just starting to set in for me. What do you think, is this the Hulk movie you’ve been dying to see? Incredible Hulk hits theatres on June 13th; watch the trailer now via the link below.

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  • Captain N

    The CGI model of the Hulk doesnt look much better then the Lee version. However, the Lee version was a top of the line model. Very well done CGI. Looked fantastic. The issue will come down to which design you prefer.

    The Ang Lee’s Hulk was an alright movie. Not great. Had some really good scenes. I really dont care much for the Hulk character begin with, but Marvel really wants this series to be a huge hit. The few interviews I’ve read with some of the marvel employees seem to think extremely high of the Hulk and really really want it to flourish as a film series, more then any other license it seems.

  • Goon

    i just saw the Zanzibar sign, which i guess means this was shot in Toronto.

    …for the record I liked the Ang Lee Hulk movie and thought it was quite underrated. This one, eh, I could take it or leave it, I’ll probably see it but I’m not psyched for it or anything.

    Then again, no superhero movie other than Iron Man has me anything more than the “i guess i’ll see it” feeling.

  • Ian

    I just check on imdb. They have Robert Downey Jr. in it as Tony Stark so that’s kind of a cool cross over thing. I think the movie might be cool. Haven’t seen Tim Roth in awhile and him and Norton are good actors so we’ll see.

  • I am another supporter of the previous Hulk film. In fact, the only thing I wasn’t crazy about in Ang Lee’s version was Eric Bana. He just didn’t scream Bruce Banner to me. Honestly, although he is one of my favorite actors, Norton doesn’t seem to fit the bill much better in this preview.

    I liked Lee’s film because it had a few good action sequences and managed to focus more on the inner turmoil of Banner than explosions. This version looks as though it’s going in the complete opposite direction, and it sort of scares me. This looks like a straight-up good versus evil superhero movie, which I’m not sure fits the Hulk too well.

    We shall see though, I suppose. With great actors like Roth and Norton in the mix, I can’t write this film off quite yet. And y’know, I’ve heard a lot of complaining about the fact that they’re rebooting the Hulk so soon after his last film, but seeing this trailer, even though it doesn’t seem perfect, has me excited to see multiple approaches to the same character. Maybe instead of making a sequel to this film they should just wait another 5 years and do yet another remake.

    …yeah, probably not. It sounds like a kind of neat idea to me, though.

    I do, however, think that Liv Tyler is a pretty good replacement for Connelly, though I would have liked for her to return.

  • w00t! first person in the thread to be looking forward to this flick!! me=lonely fanboy! :P

    seriously though — as a comic book fan (and a fan of the Hulk) this things looks really well done. Everything about this one has me excited — Tim Roth, Ed Norton, The Abomination — should be the perfect Hulk film.

    Had no idea about the Iron Man crossover — very cool, Ian!

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  • Trevor

    Brawlin’ on Yonge St!

    Yep, that’s Toronto. The Zanzibar, and the classic “Sam the Record Man” sign very evident in the background.

    My impression of this is that it’s likely to be a decent popcorn movie. Leave your brain in neutral, and just enjoy watching “Hulk smash!”

  • I’m definitely going to see this…not because it’s a Hulk movie, but because it’s an Edward Norton movie.

  • Lee

    it looks ok, nothing special. CG was a bit weak imo

  • Don’t the monsters look more like guy-in-suit than actual CGI? I swear at one point it almost looked like they got Nick Park on board to do some claymation.

    Either way, the film looks exactly as shallow as they promised it would be. I have no doubt it will be horribly inferior to the first film, but it will probably be alright to see in the theatre. Edward Norton looks pretty horrible, and Liv Tyler is a shitty actress, but Tim Roth is good, as is William Hurt.

    But that end sequence they gave away here… I mean how cliché’d could it possibly be? Jumping at eachother in slowmotion?

  • Bob The Slob

    movies aside…the hulk is a bad character?…wtf…IMO he is the only marvel character with real depth. (sue me)

  • Well Hulk is also one of the characters where the influences are most obvious. Frankenstein + Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde = The Incredible Hulk.

    A character like Spider-Man may seem like less on the surface, but the fact that he is so undefined, makes writers able to do much more different stuff with the character. Even horrible, pathetic, shitty, horrible stuff.

    I think Spider-Man has more potential for interesting story-telling than The Hulk does, even if he seems less interesting on paper.

  • Bob The Slob

    i think they should just stop making superhero movies all together. enough is fucking enough, they belong in comics, and original scripts belong on the screen.

    You know like Duece Bigalow Male Gigalo…the single coolest character ever.

  • I had read some good reports about the movie but the trailer didn’t really grab me. It is an Ed Norton movie and a superhero movie so there is no doubt that I will go and see it.

    I wasn’t actually that critical of Ang Lee’s Hulk which I thought was an interesting if flawed take on a superhero movie. I wonder if this version will be action overload in an attempt to address the main criticism of the first movie.

  • alfred

    i liked most of ang’s hulk. a bit too drawn out IMO, but overall the cgi was fantastic. the cgi in this trailer was ok but can/will be chastised. anyway the director has put a disclaimer out stating the cgi in the trailer is unfinished.

    i am looking forward to this film. it suspossed to be “hulk lite” w/ less drama then ang’s film and more “hulk smash”. norton rewrote some of the script. however his acting in the trailer is not very impressive.

    i have also read that banner or hulk will be in ironman and sam jackson, playing nick fury will be in both films.

    FYI the director also says the final fight scene is 26 minutes long. not sure if that’s good or bad.