Deal Trailer Starring Burt Reynolds


Let me get this straight… a poker movie starring Burt Reynolds as the grizzled card shark who takes a young hotshot under his wing and shows him the ropes? You had me at hello! There have been a lot of poker/casino movies coming out lately (Lucky You, The Grand, 21, etc.), and it kind of makes sense considering that the game is probably at an all-time high right now in terms of popularity. I don’t necessarily think that Deal will bring anything new to the table, but it does have a certain b-movie flavour to it that makes me think it could be fun.

Bret Harrison (Reaper) stars as Alex Stillman, a university kid with dreams of making it big on the professional poker tour. When he randomly runs into retired poker legend Tommy Vinson (Reynolds), he finds someone willing to relive his own dreams vicariously through him by teaching him the tricks of the trade (what is this, Rocky?). But hold on a minute… it seems that a girl may come between them, forcing them to opposite ends of the table for the World Poker Tour Final! Intense! Shannon Elizabeth co-stars, which is interesting because apparently she is an avid pro poker player in real-life. Deal hits select theatres on April 25th; check out the trailer below.

  • I saw Color of Money too. Looks like they took the EXACT same story and applied it to poker. You’d think I’d be angry, but hell no. This looks pretty good.

  • All of these movies about poker make me wonder if maybe the game is on the upswing again!

    I still think that “21” and “The Grand” look better but it’s hard to say no to The Burt, especially when he’s not covered in Vaseline.

  • Ian

    Hmmm. My Dad got a marketing packet to invest in this film about 2 years ago. He gave it to me but I sort of wrote it off … maybe I don’t know when to hold’em.

  • Movies like this going straight to DVD makes it worth waiting for stuff like No Country For Old Men.

  • I have to agree with Marina. It looks like Burt Reynolds is doing a Fast Eddie Felson impersonation…

    Which sounds cool to me.